Honma’s New Beres

Honma’s new beres are a force to look out for. They are made for pro golfers. In this guide, you’d know all you need to know about the new Honma beres, so read through for better clarification on the new beres.

HONMA Golf, the Japanese brand that crafts the world’s most exclusive golf clubs, has set the gold standard with the introduction of its new super-premium BERES range of clubs.


The concept of Beres is to make the game as easy as possible and Honma succeeds in this category like no other manufacturer. The reason for this is that the clubhead and shafts form a unit and everything is handmade in Sakata, Japan.

Players who have difficulty accelerating the club get extra light and a soft shaft to help them do so. Furthermore, all club heads are designed for maximum ball speeds and a high launch. This is the only way to achieve high distances even at low speeds.

The special thing about Honma Beres is on the one hand that all clubs are perfectly matched – from driver to sand wedge. And on the other hand, that the shafts, which are handmade in Japan, produce only a little undesired twisting despite the low weight and soft flex. So the ball flight is also controllable. Honma Beres is the gold standard in this respect and is particularly suitable for seniors and ladies.

And especially the shafts make these clubs so special, because they are extremely light and soft, as earlier stated above, and still have very good torsion values. No other manufacturer does this as well as Honma. Especially players with a low clubhead speed benefit from this and can make their game much easier.

Honma Beres Driver

With the driver, it’s about achieving maximum distance and still being able to keep the ball in play. The shaft is especially important. For players with an average clubhead speed, the shaft must be light and some kind of “whip effect”. This is the only way to get the maximum out of a given swing speed. However, it is important that the shaft has a little “torque” as possible. It is basically no art to produce a light and soft shaft.

The art consists in the fact that it has little torque as well. These are the torsions during the stroke which one absolutely wants to prevent and which otherwise get the ball off the desired direction. This is of course especially important for the driver because it is hit with the highest speed.

Honma Beres Irons

The Beres irons can basically be described quite quickly:

  • the center of gravity is particularly low so that a high launch is facilitated
  • the sole is especially wide to allow little interaction with the surface
  • the clubface is extremely thin and allows maximum ball speeds
  • the sweetspot is very big and forgives many mistakes

All these points ensure that Honma’s Beres irons are particularly easy to play, even for players with low clubhead speeds and an inconsistent hitting pattern. These characteristics are combined with the already mentioned light and soft shafts. The result is a relief of your game that couldn’t be greater.


Honma makes higher quality shafts than any other manufacturer – at least in the segment of extremely light and soft shafts. The art is to produce a light and soft shaft that still has good torque values. And this is exactly what Honma achieves with its own and hand-made shafts like no other. The Vizard shafts used in the Beres have a maximum weight of 47g.

Even the 2-star version is already very high quality and without competition. The higher the number of stars, the higher the quality of the shaft. Whereby we must honestly say that the 3-star version is absolutely sufficient for most players. For 5 star shafts, for example, Honma needs 8 weeks in production and has the shafts subjected to quality tests by over 100 employees. Here you can be sure to get only the best of the best – but it also has its price.


Another advantage of Beres is that the entire set is coordinated. Beres players usually don’t just buy a driver or set of irons, but everything from driver to sand wedge and sometimes even the Beres putter. With the latter, it is not so important that the putter is matched to the set, but some people like it consistent.

If you put your clubs together from different manufacturers you have the problem that the clubs can only be matched if you have them checked by a professional club maker. Things like a loft, lie, swing weight, shaft length, total weight, etc. must fit. If your set consists of clubs from three different manufacturers this is practically impossible.

With Honma Beres and also the XP1 the principle is always that it must be possible to obtain a complete set. As a rule, you should make use of this possibility. And if this is not an option, you should at least give us the opportunity to control and adapt your set.


The new men’s irons are available with 47g and 42g shafts. 47g is so to speak the standard version. The 42g shafts are only available from 3 stars upwards. It is a good choice for seniors, for example, for whom the 47g shaft is too heavy.

Basically, the Beres is an option for all players who have a below-average clubhead speed of less than 70mph for a 7 iron, for example. Players who find it difficult to accelerate the club. The lightweight ArmRQ shafts are ideal for this, as is the whip effect of these soft shafts.

There is simply no serious competitor on the golf market and Honma is doing everything right with the new series. Honma has even managed to improve its appearance and performance once again.

Honma New Beres

Designed for golfers with slower swing speeds and a desire for ultimate premium products, the hand-crafted BERES range of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons features exclusive game-enhancing technology to produce bigger sweet spots and more explosive ball speeds off the clubhead.

In creating the new BERES range for both men and women, 100 craftsmen combine the finest components in the same factory in Sakata, Japan to ensure the clubhead and shaft work seamlessly together for greater consistency across the set. Options range from 2 to 5-Star models graded on the technology and materials in the hand-rolled shafts, plus gold and platinum embellishments in the club heads.

The aesthetic beauty of the new BERES range will appeal to discerning golfers looking for something exceptional from their golf clubs,” said Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of HONMA Golf Europe. “Each set of clubs is unique to the customer and reflects their personal preferences and individual swing,” he added.

The BERES range was first introduced in 2005 and as well as luxury finishes on the irons, the club heads on the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids can be decorated from a wide palette of color options. Both the club heads and the shafts can also be personalized with the name of the owner.

Featuring a 7-axis design, the Metal Hybrid Armour Technology in the 2 to 5-Star shafts provides higher compression strength and an additional 5mm of counterbalance for increased swing speeds.

The 3, 4 & 5-Star ARMRQ shafts also incorporate Twist Fleuret Technology through the combination of the new high strength, high elasticity M40X and T1100G materials, which transfer energy from the player to the shaft and onto the clubhead more efficiently. Distance potential increases with the grade of the shaft selected.

The BERES driver features a Maximum Speed Slot design that delivers an explosive trampoline effect off the face for high launching trajectories and longer carries. The evolved slots, located close to the leading edge on the heel and toe, ensure that distance loss is reduced on off-center strikes through a corrective gear effect.

Radial face insert technology provides extra strength and enlarges the sweet spot for added forgiveness. Optimized for swing speeds around 90 mph/145 kph, the driver also features a weight-saving ultra-thin 811 Ti high strength body and crown, which lowers the Centre of Gravity and ensures faster clubhead speeds for effortless distance and accuracy off the tee.

Carrying similar stunning design features as the driver, the BERES fairway woods incorporate a speed slot across the sole, with evolved slots on the heel and toe to achieve tighter dispersions. A more rounded heel has improved turf interaction compared to previous models and lowered the CG for a piercing ball flight.

Classic looks and detailed craftsmanship in the BERES hybrid make it a highly desirable choice at the top end of the bag. A straight leading-edge helps with alignment, while the Maximum Speed Slot on the sole paired with a shallow design delivers a high penetrating ball flight to attack the pin with more confidence.

The new BERES irons feature a larger, lighter, and thinner 3D optimized L-cup face design that ensures a more rounded leading edge and improved feel, along with a new C-Cup structure wrapped around the toe that expands the sweet spot. Surplus weight is allocated on the toe and back of the heel to increase MOI and ensure the CG is low and deep for more distance. A new, thinner ellipse face maximizes face flexion and increases ball speed.

Designed to work in perfect harmony with the club heads across the range, each ARMRQ shaft is meticulously custom painted and hand-rolled – a process that takes craftsmen eight years to master – to deliver eye-catching looks and more consistency at impact.


The quality assurance is as strict as nowhere else and no lack escapes the trained eyes from Japan – even if it is so minimal. While the quality of most other manufacturers, especially the big names, fluctuates extremely, Honma delivers clubs in exactly the same quality. That means the exact same weight, same shape, etc.