Best Air Quality Monitors of 2021

Best Air Quality Monitors Comparison Table

Names Features Where to Buy
Airthings – 2030 Wave Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor
Weight:7.8 Ounces|Power Source:Battery Powered|Alarm:Visual| Get it on Amazon
AcuRite Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Weight:8 Ounce|Power Source:Corded Electric| Get it on Amazon
Pyle Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Weight:12.7 Ounces|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
Extech CO260 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Weight:6.7 ounces|Measurement System:Metric|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Weight:3.36 Ounces|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector
Weight:3.52 Ounces|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
KKmoon Air Quality Pollution Monitor
Weight:1.09 pounds|Battery:2000mAh|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
Leeofty Data Logging Air Quality Monitor
Weight:4.80 Ounces|Power Source:Battery Powered|Response time:10 secs|  Get it on Amazon
Fafeicy Air Quality Monitor
Weight:1.78 pounds|Power Source:Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Air Quality Monitor
Weight:13.6 Ounces|Power Source:Corded Electric|  Get it on Amazon


Forget the about the fact that you often clean your rooms as much as possible, you may have dusted, washed, scrubbed, and ventilated as much as you can — but there’s a good chance that your home has a certain level of indoor pollution.

It’s a known fact that most of us spend more time indoors, which means most of the air we breathe in is indoors.

Getting to know the quality of the air you breathe in and the level of contaminants present in the air is the best way to go about changing your home’s atmosphere for the better.

Dirt, dust, mold and bacteria are just some of the invisible particles that float freely both within and outside your home, smoke can also find its way through the windows and doors to create some level of unhealthy atmosphere for you. This can result in you having allergies or frequently falling sick.

But with an air quality indoor monitor, you can breathe easily. You can get specific reading of the various pollutants moving around you. By this, you’ll know if you can be able to have healthy intake of air or not.

Having an air quality monitor will give you an idea whether you need to install an air conditioner or get an air purifier.

In this post, you’ll get to see the best air quality monitors that are specifically designed to give you convenience and peace of mind about the air quality in your room.

You’ll get to know easily customizable and smart monitors that can check for harmful particles in the air, along with temperature, humidity and air pressure.

If you want to get the best air quality monitor currently on the market, come with with me as I take you by the hand and guide you through it all.

Best Air Quality Monitor Buying Guide

Some of the things you need to look out for before choosing the right air quality monitor that will suits your needs are as shown below…

  1. Measurement.It’s crucial to choose an air quality monitor that will provide you with thorough measurements of your home’s air quality. Monitors that can measure the smallest and tiniest particles floating in the air.If you want to have complete readings, look for monitors that can provides humidity, CO2, temperature and air pressure measurements. This can give you more information than monitors that can only make one or two readings.


  2. SizeAir quality monitors are not designed to take up much space, but there are models designed to be place in one location and models like these tend to be larger.However, if you want a model that you can be use in multiple locations at a go, then consider looking for the compact, handheld type that is battery-powered —  because it provides you with real time results.

    Depending on your choice and how  you intend to use it, you can go for the one that can be kept on the tabletop or on the wall, or you can elect to buy the one that’s more portable for ease of movement.

  3. Smart FeaturesHigh-ends air quality monitors are apps-enabled with smart connectivity that allows you to connect and control your monitor over your smartphone.You can even integrate your air quality monitor with other home smart systems so that it can provide an overall air quality control for your home.

    If you’re interested in more info on your air quality readings and tracking air quality — an app-enabled monitor will be your best bet for this.

Airthings – 2030 Wave Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor

As a naturally occurring radioactive gas, Radon is found in almost all living spaces and can be harmful once it reaches a certain level.

The Airthings Wave Plus is designed to detect Radon and gain full readings into the quality of air in your home with its 6 powerful sensors.

This smart monitor can also check the CO2 level, temperature, volatile organic compounds, humidity and air pressure.

It has a powerful battery that’s capable of holding charge for the duration of 16 months and it can also be placed anywhere in the home.

You can easily connects via Bluetooth and sync with the Airthings Wave app to give you total readouts and control over the air quality of your home.

The color-coded indicators lets you know the status of your indoor air. It’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant smart home devices.

Pros Cons
Can easily detects Radon Buggy software
Amazing smart app
Easy to read interface

AcuRite Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Monitoring the air quality in your space is extremely important and the AcuRite air quality monitor is the perfect solution for you to get visibility into your indoor air quality and know when to take action.

You can easily and conveniently track humidity and temperature levels in your space, and look for indications whether the levels are outside the accepted range.

Maintaining clean air can help you minimize the negative and harmful effects associated with poor air quality, and at the same time increasing your productivity and well-being.

This monitor can measure Particulate Matter Concentration (PM 2.5), can also monitor your space for dust, pollutants an other particles that are harmful to the respiratory system.

The colorful LCD display gives you clear identification to help you monitor better the indoor temperature and humidity.

Pros Cons
Versatile use
Easy to use and set up
Instant readings

Pyle Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This smart air quality monitor provides you with fast, reliable and accurate detection of dirt, dust, pollen and allergy causing particles that roam freely in the air in and around your living space.

The Target Meter features an audible and visual alarm notifications, for gas measurement in the atmosphere — it uses an infrared detector.

Its built-in memory allows you to save a large amount of data readings. It offers both accurate and reliable data readout and it’s tested to provide accurate results. The record functions feature saves real-time meter readings.

The digital LCD screen interfaces makes for easy readings with time and date display. The built-in rechargeable battery assures you of portability. The battery can be powered via a USB cable.

Use the Pyle air quality monitor for peace of mind in your home, office or business settings.

Pros Cons
Easy to read LCD display interface USB cable is wrongly placed
Accurate detection
In-built internal memory

Extech CO260 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This Extech CO260 indoor air quality monitor detects the level of CO and CO2 in the air which when in high concentration is harmful to your health and that of others.

It’s capable of measuring CO, CO2, Dew point, air temperature and the relative humidity of a place. All these measurements can be displayed on the large LCD screen with clarity.

The audible alarm is designed to notify you whenever a high concentration level of CO or CO2 particles are found in the air. It can also statistically calculates both the short and long term exposure level.

With the built-in memory, you can log in data for record purpose, it can hold large amount of data of up to 32,000 readings.

Pros Cons
Instant readings
Bright and clear LCD screen
Large memory size

Eve Room Indoor Air Quality Monitor

If your choice to want an indoor air quality monitor is to blend with your your room decors while give you the accurate reading you want, then the Eve Room air monitor is for you.

This monitor can accurately measure and display harmful particles , temperature and humidity in your home and display it on a bright and customizable screen.

The Eve app lets you review your air quality as it reads and presents your data in detailed graphs, allowing you to see clearly the particles that pollutes the air quality in your home.

The sophisticated sensor analyzes the volatile organic compounds present in the air, this organic compounds affects the air quality you breathe in.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for up to six weeks, you can recharge the battery via a USB power supply.

The tracking system allows you to keep tabs on your home via your smartphone, you can gain insight to help you improve your home comfort and make your home a more lively place to be.

Pros Cons
Elegant and sleek design A bit difficult to set up
Quality sensor
Long battery life

Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector

This state of the art radon measurement device combines performance and ease of use.

The Corentium Home Radon gas detector allows you to tackle readings of the Radon presents in your space, with the Radon monitor making it possible for you to take readings from one room to another.

The small ,and powerful Radon gas detector send signals to warn you when levels are getting high, it’s capable of monitoring the air quality around you.

You can also be able to have a long term monitoring of dangerous and harmful Radon compounds around you.

Take total control of the level of Radon in your living space and also know if any improvement is made via the digital screen readings.

The on-screen display shows both long term and short term readings for a quick overview of your Radon levels.

Pros Cons
Accurate reading Readings aren’t transferable
Easy to use
Flexible measurement

KKmoon Air Quality Pollution Monitor

This air quality monitor despite its level size and shape, is designed to provide accurate and consistent readings of harmful particles in the floating in the air around you.

The quality of the air you breathe in can have either positive or negative effects on your health.

The visual and sound alarm can detect and notify you in real time — the risk level in the air. When the risk level is above normal, the detector alarm will sound and the color will change to show you the danger ahead.

This air monitor is easy to carry around, you can use it to detect pollution in your home, office or school. It’s easy to store and carry with you everywhere.

The ultra-sensitive low level ozone gas detector use a powerful sensor that easily detect excess ozone gas in the room, you can use the LCD digital screen to see the value of each gas detected, and also view real-time detection of harmful organic compounds in the room.

Pros Cons
Intelligent detection
Visual and color alarm

Leeofty Data Logging Air Quality Monitor

This high capacity carbon dioxide detector is equipped with multiple functions to help you detect and measure the level of toxic compounds in the air around you.

The 8 parameters measurements can measure the Co2 concentration, air temperature, humidity, and others — it also has  calendar and time display to show you real-time data readings.

The LCD screen with a large font display clear and easy to see results, the backlit can easily be switch on/off. The data hold function can be used to freeze the current readings so as not to mix things up.

You can use the value measurement function to easily track the minimum and maximum of your readings for any parameter you so want each time you switch on the unit.

Pros Cons
Multiple measurement
Clear and easy to view results
Easy to track readings

Fafeicy Air Quality Monitor

This air quality monitor can be use in a variety of places ranging from homes, offices, schools, hotels, and any place needed to be tested of air quality.

With its ability to not compromise on consistency, this is the ideal monitoring device to meet your specific needs.

It’s capable of monitoring  carbon, temperature and humidity in real-time, and with consistent results, without sacrificing quality when it comes to reading.

It features a sound alarm and a small face icon that indicate the air quality of the space you’re in, this is quite useful as it shows you what you need to know about the air quality around you.

The LCD display is backlit and readable, it displays both date and time — and also the maximum and minimum values of the readings of any particles floating in the air.

Pros Cons
Quick readings

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Air Quality Monitor

This smart air quality monitor lets you use Alexa or Google Assistant for detecting, measuring and controlling your home air quality.

It measures your home’s temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, making it into readable data and alerting you when the levels changed to unhealthy level.

You can easily track changes on the go with your mobile device and remotely control your home ambience using the Sensi mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Monitor temperature along with the average humidity levels in your room from wherever you are.

The built-in levels and step-by-step guide allows you to easily install the unit. You can easily and conveniently put in where you want it and customize the report you receive based on the goals you want to achieve.

Pros Cons
Compatible with smart devices WiFi connection can be troublesome
Easy to track trends
Convenient and easy to use


For healthy air and convenience, air quality monitors clear your room’s air of floating bacterial and germ causing particles occupying space in your home.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between the monitor that can be placed on the wall or tabletop, or the compact one that can lets you move it from room to room to clear the air.

Air quality monitors are capable of detecting a number of particles like mold, dirt, dust, and other illness and allergy-causing particles around you.