Best Bathroom Scale of 2021

Best Bathroom Scale Comparison Table

Names Features Where to Buy
Healthkeep Body Fat Scale, Bluetooth Weight Digital Bathroom Scale
Weight:2.93 pounds|Dimensions:16.14 x 13.03 x 1.54 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:396lbs/180kg|  Get it on Amazon
Arboleaf Digital Scale – Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scale
Weight:3.6 pounds|Dimensions:11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches|Display:LED|Power source:Battery|  Get it on Amazon
Healthkeep Scale for Body weight – Bathroom Digital Scale
Weight:2.2 pounds|Dimensions:10.24 x 10.24 x 0.8 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:180kg/396lbs|  Get it on Amazon
FITINDEX Bluetooth Body fat Scale – Smart Wireless BMI Scale
Weight:2.6 pounds|Dimensions:10.2 x 10.2 x 0.96|Display:LED|Capacity:396lbs/180kg| Get it on Amazon
Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale
Weight:4.23 pounds|Dimensions:13.43 x 13.39 x 1.77 inches|Capacity:400 lbs/180 kg|Display:Backlit LCD|  Get it on Amazon
RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Weight:2.7 pounds|Dimensions:10.2 x 10.2 x 0.96 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:390lbs/180kg|  Get it on Amazon
INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Weight:3 pounds:Dimensions:11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches|Capacity:400 lbs|Display:LED|  Get it on Amazon
SPOSIN Digital Body Fat Scale – Smart Bathroom Weight Scale
Weight:3.31 pounds|Dimensions:12.64 x 12.36 x 1.73 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:180kg|  Get it on Amazon
Innotech Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale
Weight:5.35 pounds|Dimensions:12.6 x 12.6 x 1 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:396lb/180kg  Get it on Amazon
SOKOA Smart Digital Scale for Body Weight
Weight:3.35 pounds|Dimensions:11.88 x 11.88 x 0.85 inches|Display:LED|Capacity:396lb/180kg|  Get it on Amazon

Are you looking for the best way to monitor your weight?

It’s an open secret that keeping an extra pound is no longer the norm. That’s why, one of the best investment you can do for your well-being is having a bathroom scale.

Using the best bathroom scale is a great way to monitor your weight change over time, and help you keep track of your fitness.

Bathroom scales don’t lie…

If you want a scale, not just any scale – but a scale that can help you manage your weight loss goals, then this is the right place for you.

In this post, I’m going to show you the best bathroom scale that can offer you more than just a simple weigh in.

I’ll show you exceptional bathroom scale that comes in various size and shape such that you can easily step on it and measure your body composition.

I’m going to show you bathroom scales that can measure your body mass index, metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and others.

I’m going to show you quality scales with a wide compatibility range that can allow you keep track of your goals by connecting to your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Best Bathroom Scale Buying Guide

When buying a new bathroom scale, it’s important to bear in mind that there are some things that you must pay attention to if you want to get the right one to meet your needs.

After considering the factors then you can go ahead and choose the right one for you.

1. Type

There exists two types of scales: analog and digital scale. Analog scales uses an internal spring that compresses when place your weight on it, and it display the reading on the dial.

Analog scales don’t use batteries as they rely on the human eye for accurate reading.

Digital scales run on batteries and has numbered results on a digital readout display.

The advanced digital scales have smart features, multi-users capabilities, and additional forms of measurements. There are by far the most expensive of the two.

2. Body Composition Measurements

This record the ratio of fat mass to lean tissues of your body. Aside the body composition measurements, modern digital scales offers various types of measurements like body mass index (BMI), bone mass, muscle composition, and others.

3. Wireless Connection

With the use of Bluetooth or WiFi connected devices, most modern scales keep track of your data, it also automatically link the data with your fitness tracker to give you a more balanced information.

Healthkeep Body Fat Scale, Bluetooth Weight Digital Bathroom Scale

This Healthkeep smart body scale is designed to help you start your fitness for a more improved well being with its automatic calibration to help you improve the accuracy of your measurement.

It has a 13-key body composition analysis as its in-built Body Weight Monitor tracks 13 essential body measurements of which are: body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, fat free body weight, visceral fats, subcutaneous fats, body water percentage, and others.

This scale has a high accuracy reading as it’s equipped with 4 high precision G-type sensors with latest technology which allows the scale to have high sensitivity with more precise and accurate measurements, as this lets you know of every little change in your fitness goals.

The Feelfit easily syncs with other fitness apps. You can synchronize data with applications such as: Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, etc. The apps are downloaded free from Google Play or Apple Store.

This Bluetooth body scale requires Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 8.0, and other higher systems.

You can easily share your fitness data with your family or friends by adding them on your account.

Pros Cons
Accurate reading App is sometimes slow
App is intuitive
Amazing  sensors
Easy connection to apps

Arboleaf Digital Scale – Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scale

This Bluetooth smart scale is a whole family body scale that can store unlimited user’s profile and automatically recognize them when they step on the scale, which make weight checking as easy as breeze.

It’s designed to help you keep your weight in check and your body in shape with its 4 high precision sensors which give you the accurate and precise body composition readings by adopting advanced BIA technology. Get instant results without you needing to turn on the scale.

The 10 body composition analysis is an in-depth body analysis which give you exact details of your body. simply step on the scale and it will analyze your weight loss and health progress.

You can also link your scale to your smart device by downloading the app, with a Bluetooth connection – your data will be smartly fed to your favorite fitness app to let you keep track of your fitness goals. This will allow you know your body metrics more better.

Pros Cons
Consistent measurement Not compatible with internal medical device
Easy to setup and connect Bluetooth Connection issue
Accurate readings
Flexible body metrics
LED display


Healthkeep Scale for Body weight – Bathroom Digital Scale

This smart digital bathroom scale is designed to help you set and achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to loss some weight, know your body mass index, or body fat rate – this scale is here to help you keep yourself healthy.

It has a 13 key body composition metrics to help you keep track of your body’s essential measurements, and give you an accurate look into your body.

The high accuracy digital bathroom scale has 4 in-built sensors powered by the latest technology to help give accurate readings and results of your progress.

You can connect your scale using a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices to sync with any  of your favorite health apps to get instant readings and keep track of your progress.

Pros Cons
Accurate readings Not for foot size 11
Quick and easy setup Inconsistent weight display
Amazing baby mode
Fast connection
Flexible measurement metrics


FITINDEX Bluetooth Body fat Scale – Smart Wireless BMI Scale

This digital Bluetooth body fat scale has a 13 body composition measuring feature that not only show your information but also syncs your data to your app including Body Fat, Muscle Mass, BMI, and others.

This scale is one scale with unlimited users as the Bluetooth feature makes it possible for everybody to share one scale and know their body metrics for more improvement.

The 4 high precision sensors features 4 sensitive electrodes, step on technology, auto-calibration, and high-precision sensors.

The multi-functional app lets you set a goal and monitor your fitness progress with an automatic chart. You can get to compare data from specific periods.

Pros Cons
Easy to install app Footprints is retain
Accurate reading Inconsistent app readings
Multiple user feature
Amazing user profile


Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale

The Etekcity digital body scale is designed to help you step up your fitness results and keep track of your fitness like never before using its 12 essential measurements to keep track of your body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMI, and others.

The 4 high-tech sensors provides you with precise measurements with 0.1 lb/ 0.05 kg graduation. The bright LCD display lets you view your body metrics at a glance.

The rounded corners keep you and other users safe during use, the thick tempered glass provides convenient and spacious comfort for your use.

Pros Cons
Easy to setup Can’t sync with some apps
Accurate reading
Amazing app
Sleek, compact and sturdy


RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

      This RENPHO Bluetooth body fat scale is a rechargeable body fat scale designed to aid your workout towards a healthier life, it features the newest technology that allows the scale to measure your 13 body composition metrics with accurate results.

It’s equipped with 4 high-tech sensors to give you precise measurements and can measure even the smallest increments.

The long-lasting battery has a 200mAh capacity and can last you 3-4 months on a single charge.

You can keep track of your progress over days, months, or years. You can also view your metrics clearly on your tablet or phone at anytime.

Pros Cons
Accurate results Results tend to change
Compact size Faulty transmission to phone
Smart and flexible features

INEVIFIT EROS Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The Eros smart body fat scale is the perfect start for your fitness goals with a precise accuracy you can trust. It is designed in such a way that you’re provided with a precise body composition scale with all the convenient features you expect.

It comes with the complete body composition metrics to allow for easy consideration of your body weight, body water, body fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI, and others.

The free Eros Scale App easily syncs your smartphone to the scale and lets you track your body composition with a single touch.

The Eros Scale App uses an advanced User Profile to get accurate body composition results base on your age, height, activity level, and other metrics – to ensure that you get accurate results anytime.

With the Eros Scale, your family and friends can get and track their body composition as the scale allows for an unlimited number of users.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Inconsistent results
Accurate body fat readings Tricky calibration
Easy wireless  connection
Multiple user profile


SPOSIN Digital Body Fat Scale – Smart Bathroom Weight Scale

This digital body fat scale is made from top-grade materials and equipped with auto-calibrating sensors for precise and consistent measurements.

It keep tracks of the 24 key body fitness metrics including: body shape, nutrition, body mass, BMI, fat, muscle weight, visceral fat, water level, and others. It can also Test Score directly on your smartphone.

The free App syncs with and supports multiple users. You can download the App ‘Scale-up’ on Apple Store or Google Play to sync via Bluetooth.

With the App, you can conveniently check your body metrics or that of others.

Pros Cons
Easy to setup and connect
Precise and accurate readings
Very compact


Innotech Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The Innotech smart body scale is designed to be your ideal fitness and weighloss companion with its 9 essential body measurements, 10 users tracking management, and a 5 seconds easy setup.

Innotech’s 9 ways to look into your body measurements includes: Weight, Body Fats, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Visceral Fats, Bone Mass, and Protein.

Equipped with BIA (Bioelectric impedance analysis) technology and advanced chip, Innotech provides precise and accurate body measurement for your well being.

This scale measure your body composition and sync data, which provides you with a clear history of your weight loss or fitness.

You can set goals and keep track of your fitness routine using your smartphone.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and setup Some app glitches
Precise and accurate results Inconsistent results
Can easily pair and connect to any Bluetooth device
Amazing LED display


SOKOA Smart Digital Scale for Body Weight

This SOKOA smart digital body weight scale is designed to provide you with essential body measurements using its 13 body measurement metrics to give you accurate body results anytime.

The 4 precision G-sensors make for a higher precision and sensitivity as it give intelligent detection of extra-cellular fluids by using dual frequency bioelectric impedance to arrive at accurate measurements.

You can download and connect the App and keep track of your goals anywhere you are. The App ‘Moving Life’ can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play store.

It has a USB rechargeable battery which gives you more power to monitor your fitness, the multiple user profile allows your family and friends to keep track of their fitness and share their results with each other.

Pros Cons
Accurate results
Easy to setup and connect
Amazing data storage app
Readable app interface



Bathroom scales more often, help you keep track of your weight loss goals accurately. For you to get to the bottom of this, you need to o regularly step on the scale to get consistent results.

Analog and digital scales are the two types of body scales, the digital scale is by far the ideal companion for weight loss.

Consider some features of the digital scales that can aid you in achieving your weight loss goals.