Best Dustbusters of 2021

Best Dustbuster Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Holife Handheld  Cordless Vacuum with Powerful Cyclonic Suction
Weight:3.16 pounds|Battery Capacity:2200mAh|Wattage:70 watts|Surface:Carpet| Get it on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Cordless Handheld Dustbuster Vacuum
Weight:2.11 pounds|Voltage:100240 volts|Surface:Upholstery|Bowl Capacity:31.8 oz| Get it on Amazon
UPLIFT Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.5 pounds|Surface:Carpet|Battery Capacity:2000mAh|Voltage:12 volts| Get it on Amazon
Hikeren Handheld Cordless Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.89 pounds|Battery Capacity:2200mAh|Runtime:25 mins|Surface:Carpet|Wattage:100 watts| Get it on Amazon
Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.6 pounds|Battery Capacity:2200mAh|Surface:Upholstery|Wattage:100 watts| Get it on Amazon
YWUS Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.58 pounds|Surface:Carpet|Voltage:12 volts|Battery Capacity:3500mAh| Get it on Amazon
APOSEN Handheld Powerful Vacuum Dustbuster
Weight:2.86 pounds|Power Source:Corded Electric|Surface:Upholstery|Wattage:500 watts| Get it on Amazon
Beyond By BLACK+DECKER Cordless Dustbuster
Weight:2.25 pounds|Power Source:Battery Powered|Surface:Carpet|Voltage:8 volts| Get it on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Cordless Hand Vacuum
Weight:4 pounds|Power Source:Battery Powered|Voltage:14.4 volts| Get it on Amazon
SKIL PWR Core 20V Handheld Vacuum
Weight:4.83 pounds|Power Source:Battery Powered|Voltage:20 volts| Get it on Amazon


Are you looking for a Dustbuster that can tackle any mess at your home?

This is the right place for you!

Dust, debris and hair are no match for the best Dustbuster because it’s capable of tackling any mess in front of you.

And when you want to clean up any small mess, there is no tool that can beat the convenience of the handheld powerful Dustbuster. It’s designed for everything because it has the solution to clean every mess in your home.

Whether you’re a home owner who want to clean up the messes left by the puppy or someone who want to clean a hard-to-reach corner in the house, the best Dustbuster is compact and lightweight enough to be used in virtually anywhere — from your carpeted stairs to the small space underneath your table and chairs.

This article will show you powerful and innovative Dustbuster with the ability to remove stains from carpets or any other surfaces, and at the same time provides you with efficient suction to make cleaning a breeze to you.

The guide is here to show you how to select the best Dustbuster for your space, so as to select the right one that can meet your needs.

Best Dustbuster buying Guide

There are many things to look out for before you decide to buy a new Dustbuster because all models have different features that may or may not meet your needs.

Below are some of the critical factors to consider before you take the plunge to pay for a new Dustbuster.

  1. Battery Life
    This is the first thing to consider because the battery life of a Dustbuster has an important role to play in how you use it.A Dustbuster with a weak battery life can ultimately ensure that you won’t be able to complete your cleaning as at when due, while the one with a high battery life will lets you use it to clean multiple times with just a single charge.

    Note that some models designed to deliver a high-powered clean can most time requires frequent charging.

    Depending on your choice, choose the one with a battery life that can allow you meet your cleaning needs.

  2. Surface Compatibility
    Make sure that the Dustbuster you’re to buy is compatible with the surface at your home or space because not all are designed to be used on a single surface.Some are designed to be used on carpets while others are more suitable for dry spills. Depending on the type of surface you have at home, look for the one that is most compatible with the surface you have.
  3. Weight
    You should consider the weight of the Dustbuster you’re to buy because some are a bit weighty and can be less pleasant for prolonged use.Although some models are lightweight and offer more flexibility to you. Consider the attachments and dust bags of a model as these are primarily responsible for the weight of the Dustbuster.
  4. Power Source
    The source of power of a Dustbuster is an important factor to consider especially if portability is something you so desire.That being said, corded Dustbuster offers you a limited mobility when you’re cleaning as this can limits the areas to be cleaned.

    When it comes to powerful suction, corded models are more powerful than the cordless ones as they can provide more suction power and can run for an extended period of time as long as they remain plugged in.

    The cordless models can run for an average of 20 mins and need frequent recharging to keep it running, and they are capable of cleaning virtually everywhere with ease.

  5. Attachments
    If your cleaning routine involves cleaning tight space, furniture or overhead spaces, then the one with the right attachments will serve you  more better.Choose the model with the right tools so as to make your Dustbuster more versatile as this can allow you carry out a hassle-free cleaning.

Holife Handheld  Cordless Vacuum with Powerful Cyclonic Suction

If you want an impressive cleaning power, then this Holife handheld cordless vacuum is a worthy investment for you if you desire thorough clean up as quick as possible.

It has a HEPA filter system which is designed to separate dust particles so as to give you maximum cleaning effect. It is equipped to handle any type of messes from household allergies or pets.

Its versatile attachments consists of a rotatable 360 degree brush head ideal for cleaning carpets, sofa, and other surfaces. The long crevice tool is for cleaning tight space, corners or gaps.

Its portable mini size makes it small and elegant to use with ease, it’s so small that you can find it easy to store wherever you want.

Pros Cons
Powerful suction On/off switch is wrongly located
Long running time
Easy to use in tight spaces
Lightweight and compact

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Handheld Dustbuster Vacuum

This handheld vacuum not only delivers efficient and reliable cleaning to you but also ensures that dirt and debris won’t have a place to occupy in your home or space.

It has the ability to tackle large household mess with its extra bowl capacity which allows you to collect more dirt before you can empty the bowl.

The powerful Lithium technology gives you strong suction power ideal for various surfaces, and an extended running time.

It has an easy to clean bowl and filter which allows for a thorough cleaning of any surface you want. The transparent and bagless dirt bowl allows you to easy see dirt and empty it.

It also comes with a crevice tool that gives you access to hard to reach areas, and a brush that lets you dust and vacuum upholstery with ease.

Pros Cons
Decent battery life No charging indicator light
Excellent suction power

UPLIFT Portable Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner

The UPLIFT portable handheld vacuum cleaner can make your room looking thoroughly cleaned with its ultra-high power suction of up to 7Kpa, designed to deliver to you long endurance cleaning routine.

It has a stainless steel filter that is washable and reusable, it has multiple protection features that guarantee safety of your equipment, protects the motor, enhances suction power, and as well as increase the service life of your cleaner.

It’s highly versatile as it comes with extra attachments with an extended hose that can reach even the most tightest of spaces and areas in your house.

The crevice nozzle is designed to target trash in tight spaces, while the brush nozzle is ideal for human and pet hair.

Pros Cons
Strong suction No wall mount
Comfortable and easy to use
Comes with multiple attachments

Hikeren Handheld Cordless Portable Vacuum Cleaner

It’s time to go cordless with the Hikeren handheld cleaner that can allow you move easily, be it upstairs, the kitchen or other hard to reach areas of the house.

It has an efficient suction function that can clean even the unlikeliest of areas or space as it’s lightweight and easy to carry to any location you want.

When fully charged, it can run for 30 minutes, it has temperature protection feature, current and short circuit protection which ensures the safety of your device during and after charging.

It has multiple use which allows you to clean each and everywhere you want without worrying about cord getting in the way.

The flexible tube is long enough to extend the cleaning range so that dust particles can easily be removed with minimal effort.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Long charging time
Flexible and easy to use attachments
Light indicator for charging

Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Homasy portable handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect companion to help you fight any unpredictable dirt or mess at your home or any other place around you.

It has the ability to clean up any mess around you with its powerful 100 watts suction motor that ensures no mess — liquid or dry, can take any permanent place among your space.

It has long cleaning time that can suck out hair and other debris, hidden deeply whether on the sofa or on mattresses. It provides an all-round cleaning for your household.

It offers up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted power which is necessary to give you unlimited power to clean and dust even the most hard to reach areas around your space.

This is one handheld vacuum cleaner that you can’t afford to overlook because it has a quiet motor and excellent power management system to give you impressive cleaning results.

Pros Cons
Easy to use A bit difficult to clean
Very versatile
Decent battery life

YWUS Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you want to tidy up small areas or add an additional machine to your cleaning tools, keeping space in mind — then this Dustbuster is what you need to keep your space mess-free.

The high-capacity Lithium-ion battery delivers up 30 minutes of uninterrupted use when fully charged. Its powerful motor can provide you with a 7Kpa strong suction capable of picking up pet hair and other debris around you.

The 5 attachments offers you versatility as it allows you to clean your carpet, office and car and make cleaning generally easy to do.

The HEPA filter system offers you excellent filtering and dust cleaning effects, you don’t need to stress yourself over when emptying — just push the button to detach collection container for emptying and cleaning.

Pros Cons
Great suction power
Fast charging
Easy to use and operate

APOSEN Handheld Powerful Vacuum Dustbuster

Forget about the fact that corded dust busters lack the flexible movement of the cordless ones, but they offer more suction power than the cordless cleaners.

The APOSEN handheld vacuum,Dustbuster has s suction power that’s comparable to the advanced upright vacuum cleaners, and due to its lightweight design — it’s easy to move around the room with it.

The powerful and advanced 500 watts motor delivers unmatched suction as it can effortlessly removes pet hairs on sofa, dust and debris on the mattress and other surfaces.

Its double HEPA filtration system provides purified air. The filter is also washable and recyclable as it can be dried after each cleaning to continue producing powerful suction.

The detachable hose is capable of sucking up debris which can be large as pebbles and as fine as sands, this ensures that you clean as much as you want.

Pros Cons
Powerful suction Limited reach and range
Long extension cord
Excellent HEPA filters

Beyond By BLACK+DECKER Cordless Dustbuster

Now is the time to keep your home spotless and clean with the Beyond by BLACK+DECKER cordless Dustbuster which is ideal for quick and efficient clean ups.

It has a powerful suction ability which makes maintenance easy as its large washable dirt bowl lets you have a smooth and easy emptying of dirt and other debris.

This Dustbuster is versatile as it allows you to use it on furniture, rugs, carpets, curtains, and some other surface.

Its portable feature makes it lightweight enough to be used in a variety of ways and even in the most smallest of space or areas, as such you need not worry about bulky or tangled cord.

It’s easy to clean as it has a washable dirt bowl that can be emptied easily when full, it has a wall mounted charger which offers convenient storage to prevent clutter.

Pros Cons
Amazing suction On/off switch is a bit tricky to use
Easy to clean
Compact and lightweight

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Hand Vacuum

Upgrade your home cleaning chore and get the job reliably done with the BLACK+DECKER 14.4 volts cordless hand vacuum which has more reach power and requires less bending with better accessibility.

The rotating slim nozzle is designed to target dirt tight spaces, it has the ability to pick up more mess in hard to reach areas with the long nozzle design.

It effortlessly pick up large debris with the large wide mouth design, the cyclonic action can keep dust and debris away from the filter, this helps keep suction power strong.

The 3 filtration system ensures that there is no clogging and less cleaning exhaust. It has multiple ways to be stored. You can store it horizontally, vertically, or mount it on a wall.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and clean A bit loud
Rechargeable Low suction power
Has extendable nozzle

SKIL PWR Core 20V Handheld Vacuum

Use the powerful SKIL 20V cordless handheld vacuum to keep mess and dust away from your space, this is the perfect DIY cleaning tool that allows you to clean up messy situation in and around you with ease.

It has a lightweight design with simple with a simple control to make you use it easily with one hand, as well as clean hard to reach spaces or areas.

It has a fabric filter bag that effectively traps dust and other debris and which can be emptied with ease.

The effective dust management system of this cleaner ensures that you can clean as much space as you want with efficiency.

Its battery has a temperature management system that results in longer run time and longer battery life.

Pros Cons
Amazing suction Storage is a bit complicated
Fast charging
Easy to use
Easy to empty filter


Every surfaces requires different cleaning tool and this is made possible by the use of Dustbuster to meet every cleaning needs.

Dustbuster have the ability to offer you flexible cleaning routines so that you can clean the  most tightest of spaces around you with ease and without the need to drain your energy.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between the corded and cordless models, with both having their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Select the one that best suit your needs and make a choice.