Best Egg Cooker of 2021

Best Egg Cooker Comparison  Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
Weight:1 pounds|Dimensions:5.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches|Material:Plastic|Capacity:6|Poached Tray:2 Eggs|  Get it on Amazon
Nostalgia EC7AQ Retro Premium 7 Capacity Electric Egg Cooker
Weight:1.65 pounds|Dimensions:7.17 x 6.34 x 6.34 inches|Capacity:7|Poached Egg Tray| Get it on Amazon
Better Chef IM-470S Stainless Steel  Electric Cooker
Weight:1.28 Ounces|Dimensions:6 x 8 x 7 inches|Material:Stainless Steel|Capacity:7|   Get it on Amazon
National Presto 04633 Presto Electric Egg Cooker
Weight:3.4 pounds|Dimensions:15.8 x 5.3 x 5 inches|Material:Plastic, Non-stick|Capacity:12|   Get it on Amazon
BELLA Double Tier Egg Cooker, Boiler, Rapid Maker & Poacher
Weight:2.07 pounds|Dimensions:7.51 x 7.51 x 8.93 inches|Material:Stainless Steel|Wattage:400 watts|  Get it on Amazon
Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker
 Weight:1.65 pounds|Dimensions:6.3 x 7.3 x 7.75 inches|Material:Plastic|Wattage:600 watts|  Get it on Amazon
Elite Cuisine EGC-207 Egg Poacher, Omelet, Steamer & Soft, Medium, Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker
Weight:1.83 pounds|Dimensions:7.67 x 6.69 x 7.67 inches|Material:Stainless Steel|Wattage:360 watts|   Get it on Amazon
Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker & Poacher for Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled or Poached Eggs
Weight:1.7 pounds|Dimensions:12.64 x 11.61 x 4.53 inches|Material:Nonstick|Capacity:7|  Get it on Amazon
Copper Chef Electric Egg Cooker
Weight:1.79 pounds|Dimensions:19 x 17 x 19 inches|Material:Plastic|Capacity:7-14|  Get it on Amazon
Chefman Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler, Rapid Egg-Maker & Poacher
Weight:2.19 pounds|Dimensions:7.25 x 6 x 9 inches|Capacity:12|  Get it on Amazon


Are you looking for an affordable and reliable egg cooker that can cook as much eggs as you want?

An egg a day keep the doctor away, the saying goes.

Whether it’s been recommended to you or not, egg is a good source of protein which helps you to keep kicking, jumping, catching, and having fun.

It’s the cheapest source of protein and it offers you inexpensive ingredients that gives you a lot versatility in cooking.

That been said, I’ll show why instead of waiting for water to boil to you can turn to an egg cooker to boil that eggs for you to your exact liking. Just place your eggs in and leave, no need to wait for it until it’s done.

I’ll show you why now than ever before, you need an egg cooker to be in handy for you when cooking.

I will show you why egg cookers can help preparing your, say, avocado toast or snacks, quick and in no time.

I’ll show you quality egg cookers that  are easier to use and come with features like inserts for making poached eggs.

I’ll show you egg cookers with exceptional control features that gives you full control of the egg steaming process.

I’ll show you egg cookers with flexible cooking options that can allow you to choose between having a medium, soft or hard boiled eggs.

I’ll show you exactly what you need to know about egg cookers, and how you’re going to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Best Egg Cooker Buying Guide

All egg cookers are designed to basically cook eggs, but due to the various models currently making the rounds on the market – there exists differences in the features and functions they offer to users.

Based on what you want, there are some certain things you need to pay close attention to before you make a decision on which egg cooker can meet your needs.

1. Capacity

This is the he first thing you need to consider when buying an egg cooker. Depending on how many eggs you consume in a day or the number of people you’re serving, look for an egg cooker that has the capacity to meet your needs.

2. Inserts for Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are increasingly becoming popular, which explains why manufacturers developed and enabled poached egg features in most of their models. If you are an avid fan of poached eggs, look for models that can make poached eggs for you.

3. Auto-shutoff

Oftentimes when cooking eggs, we tend to forget them boiling away on the stove, which results in overcooked and wasted eggs. With the auto off features, just put your eggs in, set the time and forget it.

The auto-shutoff has a sensor that automatically detects and shutoff your device once a certain preset time is reached. This saves you time and money and at the same time, guarantee you perfectly cooked eggs.

4. Timer

Timers lets  you set the most perfect time to cook your eggs, and when the eggs are done cooking, the cooker automatically stopped cooking any further.

5. Warranty

This depends on the manufacturer and also on the functionality of the cooker.

Warranty differs from manufacturers to manufacturers, some offer a 1 year warranty, others 3-5 years, and some can be for over a lifetime.

For your benefits, consider looking for the cooker with warranty as this gives you the peace of mind to return any defective product.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

The Dash egg cooker lets you prepare perfect eggs for your meals with its exceptional accessories that allows you to cook 6 eggs in minutes, as well as cook eggs on any style for your delicious meals.

The boiling tray has a 6 eggs capacity that is use to cook eggs at a time, be it soft, medium or hard boiled, while saving time and water.

The clear lid lets you keep an eye on your eggs as they cook, the measuring cup helps you know the right amount of water to cook any style of eggs, while the power light illuminates when your eggs are cooking.

It’s easy to use as you just need to choose your preferred eggs and set the timer. The auto shutoff function prevents overcooking, while the buzzer alerts you when your eggs are ready.

It’s compact and lightweight with a sleek design and color that will complements your existing cabinets colors.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Loud buzz
Cook eggs perfectly Timer can be inconsistent
Auto shutoff
Sturdy lid
Easy to clean

Nostalgia EC7AQ Retro Premium 7 Capacity Electric Egg Cooker

This one-touch egg cooker allows you to easily cook eggs by simply filling up the measuring cup with water to your desired level, then choose between soft, medium, or hard boiled, turn it on and within minutes your eggs are perfectly done.

The large egg tray allows you to cook up to 7 eggs at a time while delivery very consistent results. It can make a variety of eggs, such as soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, and others.

The cool touch handles keeps your hands safe, allowing you to open and close the lid without hurting yourself. The measuring cup lets you measure the exact amount of water to cook your eggs, it has a level marks to indicate whether to fill it or not.

The egg tray and stainless steel steam cooking plates are detachable, as well as other accessories, which makes them easier to clean.

Pros Cons
Easy to use No auto off
Large capacity
Fast boiling
Compact and space saving

Better Chef IM-470S Stainless Steel  Electric Cooker

With the Better Chef electric egg cooker, boiling eggs has never being faster as it allows you to cook 7 eggs at a time in just a matter  of minutes.

You  can enjoy perfectly boiled eggs any time of the day with its ability to make a variety of eggs such as deviled egg, egg salad, and cobb salad.

The easy to use measuring cup with firmness markings helps you cook your eggs to your desired level of firmness, be it soft, medium or hard.

The indicator light when turn on, lets you know that it’s working. The see-through lid allows you to watch on as your eggs are cooked.

Made with a durable stainless steel base, this egg cooker is built to last as it provides you with years of boiling eggs and a beautiful finish that can complements any kitchen decor.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking Pin can crack the eggs
Cool handle and touch tray No auto shut off
Audible alert
Lights indicator

National Presto 04633 Presto Electric Egg Cooker

This electric egg cooker has the capacity to produce 12 eggs which can be soft, medium, or hard, in minutes. Poached eggs are also accommodated with 2 eggs at a time.

The egg cooker can hold medium, large, extra large, and jumbo size. The dual poaching tray can steam 4 eggs at the same time, while the markings on the measuring cup indicates the amount of water needed to cook soft, medium or hard eggs.

The signal lights and buzzer is used to indicates when your eggs are done, the base of the egg cooker has a non-stick water reservoir and a transparent lid cover to allow you see your eggs as they cook.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking Loud buzzer
Large capacity Handle is too small
Auto shut off feature

BELLA Double Tier Egg Cooker, Boiler, Rapid Maker & Poacher

The BELLA Double Tier egg cooker let you effortlessly cook the eggs you need to feed your entire family, as it can rapidly cook up to 12 large whole eggs, 4 perfectly poached eggs, or egg omelet using the interchangeable tray.

Cook your eggs to perfection: soft, medium or hard boiled using the marked measuring cup with pierced pin to help you crack and peel your eggs with ease. This egg cooker does it all.

The stainless steel heating plate, safe lid, measuring cup, and other parts are dishwasher safe as this allows for easy clean up. The power switch and indicator light also makes for a hassle free cooking.

Pros Cons
Quick cooking and poaching Space is small for jumbo eggs
Extra large egg capacity
Amazing omelet tray
Easy to use timer and measuring cup
Parts are dishwasher safe

Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

This Cuisinart egg cooker is a two tier cooking system that allows 10 eggs to be cooked perfectly at a time, eggs can be cooked soft, medium or hard consistently.

It comes with a removable tray that can be used to poached eggs and make omelets, it has a cooking time controlled precisely by the amount of water measured and put into the cooker. Just fill the measuring cup with the right amount of water and put it into the cooker.

The built-in LED light, audible alert, and standby mode help prevent overcooking by alerting you when your eggs are done cooking.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking Small Omelet tray
Large eggs capacity
No water displacement

Elite Cuisine EGC-207 Egg Poacher, Omelet, Steamer & Soft, Medium, Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker

This 7 egg capacity egg cooker is a versatile and all-in-one egg cooker that can boil, scramble, make omelet/veggie steamer and more. It can cook all your eggs with its 7 egg capacity that lets you cook soft, medium, or hard boiled eggs – at the same time saving you time and water.

It’s easy to use as you just need to fill the measuring cup with water to the desired level, press the power button once and in a few minutes your eggs are done.

The built-in timer and auto shutoff feature lets you know when your eggs are done. No need to worry about overcooked eggs.

It has a compact and space saving design, it’s also small and lightweight as it easily fits into any drawer for storage or you can choose to leave it on the counter as it can complements your kitchen decor.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking time No audible timer
Auto shutoff Need to be unplugged after use
Amazing timer
Easy to clean
Compact and lightweight

Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker & Poacher for Soft, Medium, Hard Boiled or Poached Eggs

The Hamilton Beach egg cooker helps you cook your eggs in a matter of minutes, for quick and easy breakfasts, snacks and side dishes.

It has a removable tray that can cook 7 eggs at a time, you can cook your eggs the way you want it be it soft, medium, or hard boiled, while the poaching tray lets you make poached eggs of up to 3 at once.

The water measuring cup lets you know exactly the amount of water to add depending on how you like your eggs to be cooked – soft or poached, medium or hard boiled. The cup has a convenient egg piercing pin at the bottom.

The timer lets you set the time you want to cook your eggs, while the tone lets you know when your eggs are perfectly cooked.

Pros Cons
Perfectly cooked eggs Handles not convenient enough
Quick cooking No auto off
Marking is easy to read Plastic lid
Easy to wind power cord
Compact and easy to store

Copper Chef Electric Egg Cooker

This egg cooker is a precise and effortless egg cooker with a 1-touch cooking that lets you choose exactly how you want your eggs cooked with just the push of a button.

The marked measuring cup allows you to fill the cup to the desired level depending on how you want your eggs to be cooked, the Egg-right technology circulates uneven steam to allow your eggs to be perfectly cooked.

This is a multi-purpose egg cooker that deliver to you easy to peel hard boiled eggs, as well as lets you prepare eggs-related dishes for your entire family, friends or even at parties.

It’s a portable and compact automatic egg maker that is easy to move about and stored, it’s lightweight and easy to use in preparing any high protein meals of your choice.

With this dishwasher, you can get fast and effortless cleaning as it has a dishwasher safe parts that are easier to be washed and scrubbed.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking No beeper for signal
Very versatile The piercing pin can crack your eggs
Convenient and time saving
It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean
Compact and lightweight
Auto shut off feature

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker, Boiler, Rapid Egg-Maker & Poacher

This Chefman egg cooker eliminates any guesswork to give you an easy to use cooking experience. The cooker can easily boil, poach or steam up to 12 eggs in minutes, it’s faster than any traditional cook-top method.

You can use the measuring cup to have an idea of how much water you need depending on the type of egg you have, the buzzer will then lets you know once your egg finished cooking.

The tray lifting tool allows you to move your hot eggs after cooking, so you don’t need to wait for your hard-boiled eggs to cool before you can start eating them.

This cooker  do more than just steaming eggs, you can also steam variety of your favorite vegetables, making it an even more versatile kitchen appliance for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snack time.

It has a BPA-free lid, cooking and poaching trays are dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to clean and eliminates the need to scrub and scrub in vain.

Pros Cons
Fast cooking Only two capacity for poached egg
Double egg rack No auto shut off
Makes perfect boiled eggs
Audible alarm sound
Parts are dishwasher safe


There are many egg cooker models to choose from on the market depending on your preferences. However, for your best interest, consider the factors outlined above so as to get the best of what you want.

Cook your eggs soft, medium or hard, poached your eggs, enjoy your meals sandwiched between eggs for a healthy and nutritious filled life.