Best Electric Bikes of 2021

Best Electric Bike Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Jetson Electric Bolt Folding E-Bike
Weight:34 pounds|Brake Style: Rear Braking|Motor: Hub Motor|  Get it on Amazon
Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
Weight:80 pounds|Speeds:18 mph|Range:12 miles|Brake Style:Rear Braking|  Get it on Amazon
Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Bike
Speeds:17 mph|Brake Style:Disc|Suspension Type:Dual|  Get it on Amazon
METAKOO 26” Electric Cybertrack 100 Bike
Weight:59.52 pounds|Speed Gears:21|Brake Style:Disc|  Get it on Amazon
Macwheel 26” Electric Bike
Motor type:Hub motor|Max Speed:15.5 mph|Charging Time:4-5 hours|  Get it on Amazon
ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike
Max Speed:20 mph|Speed Gears:21|Brake Style:Disc|  Get it on Amazon
ECOTRIC Electric Power Bike
Weight:58 lbs|Motor:Brushless rear motor|Max Speed:23 mph|   Get it on Amazon
XPRIT 26” Electric Bike
Max Speed:15.5 mph|Wheel Size:26 inches|Brake Style: Linear Pull, Disc|  Get it on Amazon
Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults
Weight:47.8 pounds|Max Speed:18.8 mph|Brake Style:Dics|  Get it on Amazon
Prague Electric Mountain Bike
Weight;55 lbs|Max Speed:20 mph|Brake Style:Disc|  Get it on Amazon

There are all around you, people dashing down the street on an electric bike — getting to wherever they want to go without the slightest of care in the world. Having the best time of their lives as far as ease of transportation is concerned.

The world is now trying to reduce the carbon footprint and the best way to achieve this is by changing the way we commute to and fro, every day.

And what means of transportation can be better than an electric bike.

The use of electric bikes is on the rise and if you’re for a green planet, then you need to have one for yourself and others in your home.

The one most important reason to have an electric bike is to help you commute to work, school, or anywhere else you want to go — wherever public transportation is limited.

It doesn’t matter if you want an electric bike for mountain biking or for commuting, there are bikes for just about everyone. What’s more, they are comfortable and fun to ride.

I am going to show you the best electric bikes for all types of riders and budgets.

Let’s get started!

Best Electric Bikes Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to look out for when shopping for a new electric bike. Not all bikes are the same and not all bikes are the right ones for you.

1. Type

Electric bikes are categorized into two, pedal assist and throttle.

The pedal-assisted electric bike has a motor that will only kick on when you’re actively pedaling. While the throttle will be fastened with you on the bike when you’re not pedaling.

Both have their uses; bikes using throttles allow you to kick back and enjoy the ride, while models with pedal assist offer you more longer ride on the same charge.

Some electric bikes offer both functions, as this lets you select the level of pedal assistance you want. You can choose to get more of a workout or conserve your bike’s battery.

2. Type of Motor

Some electric bikes use a rear hub motor, while others use a mid-drive motor. The mid-drive motor is located in the center pedal crankshaft. A mid-drive motor is more expensive but it provides overall balance and smooth shifting.

Selecting the motor size of your electric bike depends to a large extent on how you want to use the bike.

If you just need a bike to commute to and from school, work, or for a workout, then you need a normal motor size.

But if you are planning to use it on a steep hill or mountain, or you’re a large person with a huge physique, then you need to consider the motor type that can meet your biking needs.

3. Battery Size

Watt-hours (Wh) is a crucial factor to consider before you choose an electric bike. This takes into account the battery output and battery life which will give you the required power you need. That is, higher Wh means more range time of use.

Many electric bikes have their estimated range, some of about 40 miles, that can take you on a single charge.

The range an electric bike can cover is dependent on a number of factors like the level of power assist used, the average speed, the weight on the bike, the ambient temperature of the battery among others.

Consider which factors can affect the range that the bike can cover and make a choice.

Jetson Electric Bolt Folding E-Bike

Take charge of your daily commute with the Jetson Electric Bolt Folding E-Bike that is equipped with a powerful 250 watts hub motor with a Lithium-ion battery providing a top speed of up to 16 mph and up to 15-mile range.

With a maximum of 15 range miles, explore your neighborhood as much as you want, or enjoy your wandering all on a single charge.

The lightweight aluminum alloy frame is quite sturdy and can support as much as 250 lbs. It’s made for everyday use.

Use the collapsible handlebar to easily carry it up and down the stairs, its compact design lets you easily tuck it away for storage.

Pros Cons
Adjustable seat A little heavy
LED front and backlight
Great carrying handle

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

It’s time to go car-free and green with the stylish sit-and-ride Razor EcoSmart Electric Scooter which has pneumatic tires which provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride for a quick zip around the neighborhood, trip to the grocery store, or the sports center.

Wherever you need the versatility and ease of carrying things with you, the detachable basket and luggage rack — take as many things you need without worrying about where to keep it.

Zip through the neighborhood with the 500-watts motor capable of reaching a speed of up to 18 mph and boasts a range of up to 12 miles.

It has a soft padded seat and wide deck to give your foot plenty of room to make the ride on the EcoSmart Electric scooter comfortable and stylish.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Charging time is too long
Quick and fast
Sturdy and easy to control

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Bike

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-powered Bike is designed for all off-road conditions, it’s a motocross bike made for high performance and for rough bikers.

With the adjustable rise handlebars with hand-operated front and rear disc brakes, and a twist-grip acceleration control — this electric bike has put you in full control and in command.

The pneumatic tires are made for maximum power transfer, use the variable speed to set your preferred speed level, and zip through town as much as you like.

As a high-performance motorbike that runs completely on electricity, no gas means go green and go fast.

Pros Cons
Powerful and comfortable The battery box is no waterproof
Top-flight handling
Compact and lightweight

METAKOO 26” Electric Cybertrack 100 Bike

Keep cycling with the Cybertrack 100 electric bike by making use of its powerful motor to go anywhere you want to go.

No matter how long and how far you go with your bike, the built-in thermal protection prevents overheating, this improves the system safety, efficiency, and lifespan.

The dual disc brakes are designed to fully ensure your safety. It has a shock-absorbent suspension fork that provides you with more cycling comfort.

With a single charge that lasts for 3 hours, you can zip through the town for up to 50 miles — enough to commute to and fro. This saves time and money.

Pros Cons
Powerful motor
Adjustable speed
Comfortable and smooth pedaling
Long battery life


Macwheel 26” Electric Bike

Enjoy your adventure, explore the fresh air, the warm sunshine, and the beautiful landscape with the Macwheel. Roll through the town with speed and style with the Macwheel electric bike.

Ride without limitation with the high-quality aluminum alloy frame, high strength carbon steel, and premium comfort which makes this bike an unmatched companion for outdoor activities.

The powerful 250-watt hub motor kicks in and let you pedal with ease, the ergonomically designed shift levers and gear levers fit comfortably and conveniently in the hand.

The bright LED light ensures that your path is evenly illuminated which increases your visibility.

It has wide handlebars which make cycling to be as easy as a breeze to you. Compared with regular bikes, you’re less likely to experience fatigue easily.

Pros Cons
Quality and heavy duty
Amazing pedal assist
Solid battery

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re looking to explore your neighborhood, expand your riding routes, and catch some fun, — the ANCHEER electric bike is the perfect bike to give you that powerful performance you want.

Constructed with aluminum alloy steel, with all parts strong, lightweight, and responsive – this electric bike is designed according to the human body’s mechanism.

It has dual disc brakes and high tension steel suspension fork that combined together to give you a comfortable riding experience.

With a Lithium-ion battery and a 350W stable brushless motor, this bike gives you more speed and more freedom to roam through the town.

Pros Cons
Amazing pedal assist Average battery life
Removable battery
Dual disc brakes

ECOTRIC Electric Power Bike

Leave behind traffic jams, travel without emitting carbon, and change the way you travel — and spare no moment with the ECOTRIC electric power bike.

It has two braking systems: an outage braking system and a mechanical braking system, which combine together to give you that extra security you want for your trip.

The anti-skidding tire is capable of adapting to snow, sand, dirt, and other complex topography. Take your bike out and ride without worry.

With the removable lithium-ion battery, you can remove the battery and take it with you anywhere you want, to charge.

You can easily switch to a pedal-assist or walk-assist depending on your preferences, the factory default speed is 20 mph — the speed can also be set higher according to your needs.

Pros Cons
Amazing flat tire Average battery life
Easy to assemble
Comfortable and fast

XPRIT 26” Electric Bike

The XPRIT Electric Bike comes with a powerful motor 250W brushless motor capable;e of taking you through that extra mile you always want to cover.

It has a long-range battery capable of providing you a maximum of 27.9 miles of travel range using pedal assist only.

The high-beam LED headlight and illuminated warning light provide you with the glow you need to maneuver your way where there’s a low light situation.

The extra convenient features include adjustable seat height, adjustable pole position, extra bottle holder, and Bungee strap for mountain hiking — all contribute to making this bike perfect for your lifestyle.

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Bright LED light

Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

Save more space for storage and transportation, go green, and help save the planet with the GYroor C3 Electric bike for adults, which is eco-friendly with zero emissions and no pollution.

The 3 riding modes offer you the flexibility to choose from an e-bike, pedal-assisted bike, and bike. Simply press the power button to start the bike.

It has a crystal clear and visible LCD control panel which makes it easy for you to control and keep track of the battery life.

It has a unique shock absorption system that perfectly protects your bike from bumping thereby making your ride smooth and comfortable.

Pros Cons
Powerful motor The seat can’t be adjusted
Amazing LCD display Average battery life
Easy to fold
Very portable

Prague Electric Mountain Bike

If you’re tired of always waiting and rushing to enter public transit, then it’s time to ditch the troubles and embrace commuting with an electric bike.

The Prague Electric Mountain Bike is here to help you commute to wherever you want to go.

With a lightweight and sturdy body made from an aluminum alloy frame, this bike is capable of handling all the push and pull of a regular mountain bike.

For a smooth-riding, this bike comes with customized settings to accommodate your weight and riding style — making it suitable for any type of road in all conditions.

The LCD control display offers you 6-levels of pedal-assistance, and if you want to move for up to 60 miles with a single charge — the Eco mode ensures that you get what you want.

Pros Cons
Full electric power Narrow seat
Solid build
Amazing LCD control display


Electric bikes are designed from the traditional bicycle because they can be charged and use either with a pedal or with a throttle.

They can be used not only for a workout but also for commuting to work, school, or other places where public transit is in short supply.

Models differ from one another and are differentiated by a number of features like motor type, battery size, and battery type.