Best Fitness Tracker of 2021

Best Fitness Trackers Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Apple Watch Series 5 with Black Sport Band
Weight:1.7 ounces|Processor:64-bit dual core S5 processor|Waterproof|ECG app|GPS|Electrical and optical heart sensors Get it on Amazon
Apple Watch Series 4 with Black Sport Loop
Weight:1.29 ounces|GPS|ECG app|Electrical and optical heart sensors|64-bit dual core processor Get it on Amazon
Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
Weight:0.16 ounces|Operating System:Android|Alexa built-in|Heart rate and sleep tracker                        Get it on Amazon
Garmin 010-01769-21 Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch
Weight:1.52 ounces|Connectivity:Bluetooth,GPS|Battery:Up to 7 days Get it on Amazon
Huawei Watch GT Smartwatch
Weight:1.55 ounces|GPS|Connectivity:Bluetooth,GPS|Waterproof Get it on Amazon
Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
Weight:5.1 ounces|Connectivity:Bluetooth,GPS|Operating System:iOS,Android Get it on Amazon
HongMed M8 1.54” Fitness Tracker
Built in MP3 player|Bluetooth connection|HD Screen|Fitness Tracker|Waterproof Get it on Amazon
Aipower Wearbuds Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Weight:7.01 ounces|Wireless|Sound Isolation|In Ear headphone|Fitness Tracking Get it on Amazon
Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch
Weight:8 ounces|Movement:Hybrid|Water resistant depth:165 feet|Display:Analog|Color:Black Get it on Amazon
Huawei Watch GT 2 Bluetooth Smartwatch
Weight:12.6 ounces|AMOLED display 3D glass screen|15 workout modes|GPS Enabled Get it on Amazon


Think of what having an electronic as a watchdog can do for you.

Think of what can put a finger on your pulse without you visiting the doctor, constantly measuring your vitals, checking your quality of sleep, counting your steps during workout, and much more.

Think of wearing an activity band that looks as good as a traditional jewelry, that are so light in weight you’ll hardly notice them on your wrist.

If you’re after the best Fitness tracker as most parts of the world are in lock down, and keeping track of your health is very crucial to you, then you’re at the right place.

This is where you need to be!

In this post I am going to show you the various fitness trackers currently making the rounds.

I’ll show you quality and wearable fitness trackers which you can put on your wrist and that are lightweight and light as the best football boot worn by elite strikers.

I am going to show you exactly what you need to know about fitness trackers. I am going to show you the best that your money will get for you.

And I am going to show you how each of them ranks in terms of design, stand-out features, price, specs and all-round quality.

Come with me!

Best Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

With so much choice comes confusion, that’s why there has never been a better selection of fitness trackers.

Here are some information to help you select the best tracker for your needs.

1. Style

One crucial question to ask yourself is in what form do you want your tracker to be. Most fitness trackers are worn on the wrist, though there are clip-on and fitness-tracking rings.

Trackers worn on the wrist are hard to lose, while clip-on can fall off without you knowing.

2. Heart rate monitoring

Do you want a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitoring?

Some trackers have different types of built-in heart rate monitor which you can use to monitor your heart rate.

3. Sleep tracker

Many trackers help track your rest by showing when you’re in light sleep or deep sleep based on motion of your body which is displayed on the screen of the tracker.

4. Sport specific

Swimmers wants a tracker that is waterproof, while runners need a watch that shows distance, time, pace and lap time they covered. Choose a tracker that suits your needs based on the activity you’re into.

5. Price

The more a tracker has features peculiar to it, the more it’s expected to cost.The price points to the features you want that are useful to your activities.

Apple Watch Series 5 With Black Sport Band

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a watch that you can never see with so much features designed for your use.

With a display that never sleeps, the Always-On Retina Display lets you see your work out time with the ECG app that keeps an eye on your heart rhythm.

The Noise app alerts you when decibels rise to levels that can impact your hearing. With the advanced workout metrics, GPS and water resistance to 50 meters, it’s make for all the way you exercise so as to crush fitness goals.

Pros Cons
Waterproof Faulty GPS
Amazing compass
Exceptional display
ECG app

Apple Watch Series 4 with Black Sport Loop

The Apple Watch Series 4 is designed and engineered to help you be even more active, healthy and connected.

With the ECG on your wrist, you get notifications for low and high heart rate, and irregular rhythm. It’s designed to improve your health everyday and powerful enough to protect it.

The Automatic Workout detection is your ultimate workout partner with the advanced features for runners like cadence and pace alerts.

You can see up to five metrics at a glance as you precisely track all your favorite ways to train.

Pros Cons
Sleek design Not waterproof
Sleep tracking app No protective case
Amazing wireless connection
Good battery life

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch elevates every moment you wants so that you can live your best life.

The Amazon Alexa built-in lets you check the weather, set reminders, start an exercise and do more from your smartwatch. Just press the button, speak and receive text replies on the device.

Use the Fitbit app to track your exercise, set goals, analyze sleep, and connect with friends and families.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and comfortable Unclear icons
Excellent Alexa feature No built-in speakers
Amazing device connectivity
Good relax app

Garmin 010-01769-21 Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch is GPS enabled with Wrist-based Heart Rate to analyze your heartbeats.

It fits you and all you do because it can withstand any weather. Not only is it safe for swimming and showering, its Garmin Chroma Display is easy to read – even in direct sunlight.

You can download and create workouts and your Vivo smartwatch will keep track of the exercises, reps, set and rest time for you. The Garmin pay lets you pay for purchases from your watch anywhere by tapping your card to pay.

Always stay connected by connecting with your compatible devices to send and receive text message and more from your watch.

Pros Cons
Excellent GPS Garminpay is not setup
Customizable activity screen
Good for runners
Long battery life

Huawei Watch GT Smartwatch

The Huawei GT smartwatch brings the design and engineering of fitness trackers to your fingertip.

The AMOLED touchscreen supports slide and touch gesture which enables you to options when using it in whatever condition you’re, plus the power and function button gives you the usual control you need.

The water resistance features is designed to allow you swim and keep track of your heart rate and fitness accurately.

The sleep monitoring lets you analyze how deep or light you sleep with the play music features to keep you entertain and relax.

Pros Cons
Slick and lightweight Face Store not compatible with iOS device
Excellent screen display
Long battery life
Workout modes
Amazing HR detection

Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

The Smart Watch Fitness Tracker is designed to be the smart health life assistant for you with the inbuilt blood monitoring, heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring features that enhances your life.

The Activity and Fitness Trackers have exercise modes to help you stay in shape and keep fit with precise real-time measurement for you.

The waterproof technology passed the 50-meter water pressure test as it easily withstand various weather conditions.The long battery life gives you up to 15 days in smartwatch mode and up to 168 hours in GPS mode.

Pros Cons
Amazing heart rate monitor
Accurate tracking measurement
Multi functional features
Long battery life

HongMed M8 1.54” Fitness Tracker

The HongMed M8 fitness tracker is designed to prevent you forgetting your fitness routines any day and anytime.

The HD larger screen IPS display allows you to clearly view the screen display with a convenient touchscreen operation.

The call and message reminder allows you to connect to your phones using Bluetooth with compatibility with any Android and iOS device.

The real-time heart monitor read your heart beats and display the result for you to see whenever you need it plus the sleep, blood and wrist tracker to give you accurate details about your overall health.

Pros Cons
Excellent heart monitoring
Amazing display
Good battery life

Aipower Wearbuds Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker

The Aipower brings you the world’s first wireless earbuds charged right on your wrist, a true wireless earbuds that frees you from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose buds, and other headaches.

The on-wrist notifications allows you to see all your fitness details at a glance and displays smartphone notifications through the backlit touchscreen display on your wrist.

The on-wrist call reminder notifies you of calls and messages in time.

Pros Cons
Excellent sound performance No other enough notification
Amazing display screen
Comfortable and fit earbuds

Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

The Fossil Hybrid smartwatch looks like a watch and acts like a watch by using its iPhone and Android compatibility to give you more from a smartwatch.

Get notified by receiving calls, text and messages straight to your watch with its battery-powered technology that requires no charge to function.

Track your activities everyday, be it steps, distance or calories burned and assigned functions to your buttons with the preset features.

Pros Cons
Excellent features control Low smart features
Customizable watch bands
Long battery life

Huawei Watch GT 2 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The Huawei GT smartwatch comes with many sport functions to enhance your workouts anytime and anywhere.

The swimming heart rate monitoring can analyze your heart rate while swimming, thanks to the 5ATM water resistance features – as well as shows you the distance covered, speed and calories burned.

The Huawei GT 2 supports single-time blood oxygen saturation measurement level, helping you detects the level of oxygen in the blood, whenever and wherever you need.

The Huawei Health App track your monthly menstrual cycle to help you keep track of your fertility periods.

Pros Cons
Good and responsive screen display
Excellent functional features
Long battery life
Easy to use and navigate


Fitness trackers are more than just trackers to help keep your fitness at its optimal level. It’s most times like  the traditional watch but with more features which makes it more than just a watch.

It’s built-in features to keep track of your health and vital body signs for you without the need to go see a doctor, as well as helping you set workout goals both in your indoor and outdoor activities.