Best Home Safes of 2021

Best Home Safes Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe
Weight:16.5 pounds|Material:Metal|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|  Get it on Amazon
Stalwart Digital Electronic Safe
Weight:43.1 pounds|Material:Cold-Roll Steel Sheet|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|  Get it on Amazon
SentrySafe SFW123GDC Water/Fire Resistant Safe
Weight:86.69 pounds|Material:Steel|Lock Type:Electronic| Get it on Amazon
SereneLife Safe and Lock Box
Weight:9.25 pounds|Material:Alloy Steel|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|  Get it on Amazon
TACKLIFE Digital Lock Box
Weight:36.96 pounds|Material:Alloy Steel|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|  Get it on Amazon
Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe with keypad
Weight:67 pounds|Material:Steel|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|  Get it on Amazon
Jolitac Biometric Finger Print Security Safe Box
Weight:23.4 pounds|Lock Type:Electronic, Key|Alarm:Vibration|  Get it on Amazon
Phekonra Digital Security Safe Box
Lock Type:Electronic, Key|Material:Metal|  Get it on Amazon
Posive Digital Safety Box
Weight:24.2lbs|Material:Steel|Lock Type:Electronic|  Get it on Amazon
SHANGU Cabinet Safes
Lock Type:Electronic, Key|Size:42 x 30 x 19cm|  Get it on Amazon


Almost everyone of us have something to safeguard and what we consider valuable is dependent on our personality and lifestyle.

With so much uncertainties when it comes to the safety of our much cherished valuables, protecting our valued possessions from theft, threat of fire and other elements of the environment is necessary.

The best home safe can withstand extreme heat and flames, has anti-theft feature, and other water-tight safety features designed to safeguard your prized possessions.

With a combined feature of locks, digital keypads and standard keys — you can be rest assured that whatever it is that you want to keep safe at home or in the office — will be well taken care of.

It’s a good idea to store what can easily be taken by others or what can be destroyed by naturally occurring elements, but what isn’t a wise idea is to not use a home safe to store important things like document, passports, computer storage device, jewelries, and others — because every valuable is worth protecting.

If you’re looking for the best home safe for your valuable possessions, you’re in the right place.

Best Home Safe Buying Guide

Like other things worth our time and money, you need to pay attention to some factors that may determine whether you made the right choice because not all models of home safes are the same.

  1. Lock Mechanism
    There are a variety of ways in which you can secure your valuables using a home safe, and each ways are different from one another.

    Some model’s lock mechanism is keypads which lets you enter a password to unlock your safe.

    Some use traditional lock, while others uses key for locking the safe. The drawback here is that, you may unknowingly misplace the key.

  2. Weight
    Home safes come in a variety of different weights which often determine how portable they are.

    Home safes that are larger in sizes tend to be more heavier and this will become a hindrance to thieves who planned on taking it away with them.

    There are portable home safes that are lightweight and perfect for moving around. You can take it with you whenever you want to go on a trip.

  3. Resistance to Elements
    It’s expected for a home safe to be able to withstand heat and fire, be water-resistant and sturdy — enough to make it withstand any rough handling.

    That said, not all home safes are created equal — some models are rated for their ability to withstand an hour of extreme heat, while others carry a 2-hour fireproof rating.

    Depending on the model that has the feature to meet your needs, select the one that has the minimum resistance to any elements you might expose your valuables to.

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe

If you’re looking for a home safe with double lock type, the Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe is your best bet.

It comes with an electronic lock and 2 emergency key locks which means that should any one fail to serve you as at when needed, you have an alternative lock to fall back on.

The programmable electronic lock coupled with a pry-resistant steel door and concealed hinges ensures that this home safe with 0.5 cubic feet capacity — has all the necessary features needed to safeguard your valuable possessions.

The digital display notifies you when the safe is locked or unlocked, and when the battery is running low.

Its compact design can accommodate a range of items such as jewelry, cash, documents, and any other important contents of your.

Pros Cons
Double lock It’s not waterproof
Great digital display
Compact design

Stalwart Digital Electronic Safe

Whether you’re looking for a home safe that can be mounted on the wall or on the floor, the Stalwart Digital Electronic Safe can be conveniently use in your home or office, — and can be mounted on the wall or floor.

Its extra-large chamber is more than enough to accommodate your vital documents, jewelry, passports, and more.

You can have peace of mind knowing that what you consider as important are in safe hands.

The digital keypad is programmable such that you can set a master and guest codes which can be up to 8 digits long.

With the 2 manual override keys, you need not worry about being lock out especially if you happened to forget the code.

After 3 incorrect entries, the alarm will sound for at least 20 seconds to alert you of an attempted theft, after which it will automatically lock up.

Pros Cons
Easy to use keypad Loud beeping
Large storage capacity
Sturdy and compact

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Water/Fire Resistant Safe

The SentrySafe Water/Fire Resistant Safe is your go-to answer for a high-security home safe .

It has a built-in alarm that produces loud noise to alert you in the event of an unauthorized access or forced entry — to your safe.

For strong security, you can set your own digital combination safe features with a 1-8 digit code. The backlit keypad lets you have enough visibility especially when it’s dark.

The pry-resistance hinge bar is an extra reinforced door which help prevents forced entry, the 4 large locking bolts also provides advanced protection against unauthorized entry.

The interior light provides an increased visibility to you, you can easily access your valuables without the need to use a handheld flashlight.

Due to its high impact resistance, in the event that the floor where you keep your safe is burnt down, your safe and the contents inside will remain untouched and intact.

Pros Cons
Quality and high impact resistant Poor handle
Versatile lock features
Bright interior backlit


SereneLife Safe and Lock Box

Use the SereneLife Safe and Lock Box to keep your most cherished possessions safe and secure.

Made with reinforced solid steel with a dual security steel door, and a locking bolts — the SereneLife is strong enough to not unlock using any means.

For wall or floor mounting, this home safe come with a pre-drilled anchor holes to allow you choose your most preferred mounting type with ease.

You can permanently stick the safe on any space you want be it on the floor or wall.

With an electronic lock system and mechanical override, this safe is burglary-proof as no burglar can have access to your most cherished possessions.

With the digital touch screen control pad, you can use your thumb to add more security feature to your safe so as to make it difficult to be accessed.

Pros Cons
Double bolts locking Not easy to install
Easy to mount
Digital lock feature

TACKLIFE Digital Lock Box

Whether you want to go on a long vacation or you just want to go work — be rest assured that whatever it’s that need safekeeping — the 1.8 cubic feet of the TACKLIFE has the capacity to keep our valuables safe.

With three layers of protection which are: digital lock system, 2 live door-bolts, and 4 mounting bolts — your valuables are highly secured and you can trust the TACKLIFE home safe for that — no matter how you value  your possessions.

The interior of the safe is designed such that your delicate contents are well protected and safeguarded from damage.

The 4-mounting bolts give you the option to fix your safe to the floor, safe or wall. When you mount the safe, you automatically enhanced the safety of your valuables as it will be difficult to take it away.

Pros Cons
Double layers of protection Very lightweight
Large capacity
Optional mounting style

Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Box Safe with keypad

This Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe Box come with a digital keypad which allows you to program your preferred six or four-digit code combination for maximum security.

It’s a fire-resistant safe designed to protect your any type of valuables you have, from media files to other important documents.

With a steel body that features a 14-guage heavy-duty steel construction and a secure lock with five 0.75-inch bolts, the Amazon Basics provides you with superior security than you can think of.

The adjustable shelf lets you optimize your storage space, while the electronic keypads provides you with quick and easy access coupled with a back up key for emergency use.

Pros Cons
Thick door Keypad is poorly made
Adjustable shelves
Easy to set up

Jolitac Biometric FingerPrint Security Safe Box

Accessing your valuable items has never been easier and the Jolita Biometric FingerPrint home safe is here to make it more easier for you.

With the smart identity fingerprint unlock, you can store a maximum of 32 fingerprints. Simply enter your fingerprint to the fingerprint reader and you’re set to go. Quick and easy.

Built with a sturdy carbon steel with anti-rust and insulation coating that prevents scratches and corrosion. Even with intense use, this home safe will last long and give you reliable protection.

The strong deadbolt lock has a solid built that can effectively resists any intrusion, be it with the hand or using power tools.

This safe comes ready with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. The dual alarm system will be automatically activated whenever there’s an attempted unauthorized access to your safe.

Pros Cons
Easily removable shelf
Smart fingerprint identification
Dual alarm system

Phekonra Digital Security Safe Box

When it comes to reliable and high quality home safe for storing your valuables, the Phekonra Digital Security Safe Box is like no other.

The Phekonra safe box adopts both password function and emergency keys to prevent your valuables from getting stolen.

With the durable outer cover, this home safe is designed to be wear-resistant to use. It’s a high strength and solid structure capable of withstanding high impacts vibration.

The interior has a 2-tier storage space which is more than enough to for you to put all your valuables in it. No need to worry about it occupy space as it’s compact and space-saving.

Pros Cons
Excellent 2-tier storage
Sturdy and well built
Compact size

Posive Digital Safety Box

This digital safe is made with durable thick steel material and equipped with a high secure locking keypad system that can withstand any attempt to have an unauthorized access.

The interior is equipped with built-in LED light, and a removable shelf that you can use to safely store your most valuable contents like passports, jewelry, vital documents and others.

Any attempts to gain access to this home safe by putting in incorrect pin will automatically activate the alarm system, you can stop the alarm from beeping by entering the correct code.

The LED keypad is designed in such a way that it can be programmed with master or guest code with up to 8-digits code, and the manual override keys help you gain access to your safe in the event of forgetting your code.

Pros Cons
LED keypad It’s not fire or water resistant
Adjustable and removable shelf
Alarm alert

SHANGU Cabinet Safe

This digital security cabinet safe box is made of reinforced solid steel wall, equipped with security steel door locking bolts and a corrosion and stain-resistant exterior wall.

Due to the precision built security door, intruders will have a really hard time removing it from the spot after installation.

The interior of this safe is well designed to keep your valuables safe from scratch and other high impact effects, so you can have the peace of mind you need to pursue your other dreams.

With the digital and fingerprint lock, you can easily accessed and secure your valuables anytime you want to.

What more, the emergency keys are made for you to have faster and easier access whenever you forgot your code.

Pros Cons
Corrosion and stain-resistant wall
Versatile lock
Easy to use


The need to safeguard your prized possession is now more than ever something to consider as this eliminates the chance of losing your valuables to unknown elements like fire, flooding, burglary and theft.

Some of the home safes are designed with more features than others and with more .capacity to accommodate a variety of items at the same time.

You can look for the one which has fingerprint features together with manual lock and electronic keypads for added security.

Select the one that can meet your needs and make a choice because not all are the same.