Best Pedal Exerciser of 2021

Best Pedal Exerciser Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
LifePro Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser
Maximum Weight:330 pounds|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|  Get it on Amazon
Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Pedal Exerciser
Weight:19.1 pounds|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|  Get it on Amazon
FitDesk Under Desk Stationary Pedal Exerciser
Weight:24 pounds|Number of Resistance:8|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|   Get it on Amazon
Cando -2238939 Magnetic Pedal Exerciser
Weight:10 pounds|Display Type:LCD|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|   Get it on Amazon
Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser
Weight:5.95 pounds|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic Resistance|   Get it on Amazon
DECELI Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser
Weight Capacity:220 lbs|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|   Get it on Amazon
Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler Portable Pedal Exerciser
Weight:6.48 pounds|Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|  Get it on Amazon
TECHMOO Exercise Bike – Physical Therapy Leg Exerciser
Weight:2.5 kg|Resistance Mechanism:Friction|   Get it on Amazon
Wakeman Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser
Weight:5.78 pounds|Number of Resistance Levels:1|Power Source:Battery|   Get it on Amazon
AGM Pedal Exerciser – Under Desk Mini Exerciser
Resistance Mechanism:Magnetic|Adjustable Foot Straps|LCD Display|  Get it on Amazon


Keeping yourself fit is the ultimate investment you could’ve to constantly do and there’s no better way to do this than introducing pedal exerciser to your exercise routine.

Working out with pedal exerciser is a sure way to achieve the best exercise your body need, to reduce excess weight and to tone up some part of your body.

If you’re a corporate worker, it will interest you to know that sitting for up to eight hours a day can results in numerous ailments like back pain and cervical pain. As such, most body discomforts come hand in hand with a desk job.

Due to your tight schedule, getting the time to hit the gym for exercise is most of the time, impossible for you.

And if you can’t hit the gym due to the intensity of the equipment, and you want to to stay healthy through exercise.

Then the perfect alternative for you will be the pedal exerciser. As a good form of cardio exercise, the pedal exerciser involves your lower body which is toned as you pedaled on the exerciser daily.

From the comfort of your home, you can  have a fast and effective workout — build strength and stamina.

The exercise is simple to carryout as you only use your leg to pedal the machine. Simply place the equipment on a flat and stable surface and start pedaling your way to a more healthier lifestyle.

Getting a pedal exerciser for your home or office is the right thing to do because you save time and money, and most importantly – you have the convenience of exercising anywhere you want, and  without any hassle.

Whether you want to achieve your ideal fitness level or you’re looking to upgrade your home gym to get you exercising consistently, you’re at the right place.

I am going to show you the best pedal exerciser to boost your fitness level and I’ll show you the right machine that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Best Pedal Exerciser Buying Guide

As an excellent exercising machine to invest in, it’s good to ensure that you look out for certain features before you take the plunge to pay — as this will make you get a good deal for your investment.

1. Stability

Stability is the one most important thing to consider before you buy any workouts machine.

A machine with more stability will provide you with the freedom to concentrate on your workouts , and the best are the ones that have strong stability and ability that fits your needs.

For your safety, ensure that the machine you buy rests firmly on the floor and it does not vibrate or wobble when you use it. This is to prevent any accident in the course of using your pedal.

2. Resistance

Resistance settings are different from one model to another. And most of the machines allows you to choose between various resistances.

Make sure that the machine you buy offers you the freedom to shift between different resistances, as this can cater to the needs of different users apart from you. You can also intensify your workouts as much as you want.

This added flexibility ensures that you seamlessly mount on your machine without any further demand.

3. Noise Levels

If you are allergic to noise or live in an apartment with lots of people, then you should consider the noise levels of the machine you want to buy.

High-end pedal exercisers are silent when in use that you can even hear the drop of a pin. However, some produces squeaky sounds when in use. Some only make sound when you progress to the next resistance of your workout.

4. Mobility and Storage

Size is also important when choosing a good pedal exerciser. Small and compact size ensures you have mobility as you can carry your fitness equipment with ease.

Make sure that the machine you want to buy can be easily installed and take apart, this ensures that you find it more easier to assembled and store away when not in use.

5. Usability

The usability of the machine means how easy is for you to use and operate the machine.

If you want to know about the usability of the machine you want to buy, make sure you can pedal it easily in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Moreover, make sure that the pedaling is smooth and does not feel rough. And to get the best deal, make sure that it has a firm grip, a smooth action and steady placement — all these increases the usability of the machine.

LifePro Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Doing workout can be no more exhaustive thanks to the LifePro Under Desk pedal exerciser that allows you to exercise you legs while reading or streaming your favorite shows.

The LifePro bike pedal exerciser lets you use its low-intensity workout to exercise without putting any undue pressure on your joints. You can use it to tone the muscle of you legs, as well as arms.

With the 8 adjustable tension settings, you can increase the resistance level of your workouts — from mild to moderate or high. Use the easy to read knob to set and adjust your resistance level.

It has a stabilizing bars with a non-slip grip to provide more added stability on slippery floors.

You can use the monitor display to track what matters to you — calories, speed, distance and more. Know when to increase or decrease your resistance  using the monitor display.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble Can’t be use under a desk
Smooth and comfortable pedaling
Comes with resistance bands
Super quiet

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

Take your time and engage the Sunny Health & Fitness under desk magnetic pedal cycle for your physical activity whilst sitting.

This is a low-impact exercise machine that you can use to engage your lower body with no joint stress. You can use the pedals as a hand grip to tone your hands and also to exercise your legs.

Use the digital monitor to track your activity data such as time, distance, speed and calories. With the 8-levels of adjustable resistance, you can select any 8 levels of magnetic tension to help you burn more calories.

You can adjust the straps to allow you rest your feet comfortably. Use the full-belt drive mechanism to pedal as much as you want in total silence.

The integrated hand grip allows you to easily pick up the machine and its compact design makes it convenient to store under the desk.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and durable A bit loud
LCD display
Adjustable resistance
Amazing flywheel

FitDesk Under Desk Stationary Pedal Exerciser

If you’re doing a job that requires you to sit all day long, the FitDesk Under Desk Stationary Pedal Exerciser will let you get active and more alert without leaving your seat.

With a pedal height of under 9.5 inches, this FitDesk Under Desk Cycle can work under desks that are as low as 26 inches.

The balanced flywheel attached with a twin-belt drive provides smooth performance and quiet operation.

It has a display meter that lets you track your speed, time, distance and calories. The hands-free resistance shifting allows you to change the resistance levels using the easy foot shifter.

You can easily change resistance using your feet just so you can focus on the task at hand.

The FitDesk is designed to let you exercise anywhere and anytime. You can use it at the office or home. Sitting down on the phone, watching TV, reading or playing video games.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble Monitor can be difficult to read
Smooth pedals
Portable and easy to move

Cando -2238939 Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

This pedal exerciser has a premium heavy-duty design that makes it capable of being used frequently with a bi-directional resistance that is more flexible.

Whether you’re sitting on the couch at home or on the desk in the office, the magnetic resistance of this pedal exerciser provides you with a smooth and quiet operation.

The ergonomic hand grip has an adjustable strap, the foot strap is also adjustable — this provides extra comfort and security for your safety and convenience.

You can use this machine for an upper and low body workouts and as an arm and leg pedal exercise. Its versatility allows for a full body workouts.

Pros Cons
Easy to assembled Display timer can’t be reset
Adjustable tension knob
Can be use on the tabletop

Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

If you’re undergoing a physical therapy session and do not know which machine will best serve your needs, the Vauun Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser is specifically designed to more than just a physio equipment for you.

For your quick physiotherapy recovery, the Vaunn provides you with a gentle low-impact exercise. It’s effective for both arm and legs exercises for use under the table for leg exercise, and on the tabletop for arm exercises.

Use the multi-functional LCD display to use read your distance and speed covered, as well as calories burnt.

The adjustable tension knob is easy to use, you can easily select the resistance and intensity of the machine to meet your exercise objectives.

It has a non-skid rubber feet that provides traction and stability on any floor type or surfaces. Simply use the machine and go with the flow.

Pros Cons
No assemble required Foot strap isn’t adjustable
Sturdy and stable
Amazing resistance arm band

DECELI Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

With this pedal exerciser, you can get a low-impact workout whilst watching your favorite TV show or reading a book at home or under your office desk at work.

It has a moderate tension that help strengthen and tone your arms and legs, stimulate blood circulation and also providing you with an unmatched cardio workout.

The LCD monitor display is readable. You can read the time, speed, distance and calories on the LCD display screen. You can easily reset the data when going for a new exercise session.

The adjustable resistance is customizable to offer you a wide range of intensity. You can adjust the resistance by rotating the knob.

The pedal is designed to be comfortably grasped by hand for arm exercises, it has adjustable strap for feet of different sizes. With the anti-slip rubber feet, the machine is stable for use. No wobble.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble Limited resistance
Readable LCD monitor
Adjustable resistance

Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler Portable Pedal Exerciser

Whether you’re an office worker who needs exercise or an athlete looking to update his/her exercise routine, the Hausse Folding Exercise Peddler is the one thing you need to achieve just that.

This machine provides you with a low-impact exercise that targets and strengthen muscles in the legs and arms, and also increases blood circulation.

For a personalized exercise experience, you can easily adjust the knob to control the resistance level and exercise intensity to meet your preferences.

The four over-sized anti-slip rubber pads prevents the bike from sliding while pedaling, this gives the pedal more stability and also protects the surface it’s placed on.

For ease of use, no assemble is required. You can fold the machine to be stored as it can be easily folded and stored under a desk or in similar spaces.

Pros Cons
Good for recovery Not suitable for all floor types
Sturdy and durable

TECHMOO Exercise Bike – Physical Therapy Leg Exerciser

This compact pedal exerciser is designed to give you a bicycle-type exercise while sitting on your chair.

It’s a great for joints and muscles exercise as it enhances the flexibility of the shoulder’s joint, elbow and wrist. It also help prevents muscle rigidity and stimulate blood circulation.

Use the tension knob to personalized the resistance level of the machine to your preference. It offers low-resistance for leg and knee recovery.

It’s convenient to carry and store. It help save space as it’s easy to fold and unfold, which makes it convenient to store under a desk or in similar space.

You can use it as a contracted bike for leg and arm cycling exercise under the desk and on the tabletop, at home or office — or anywhere you can.

Pros Cons
Easy to set up Low resistance level
Good stability
Compact and easy to store

Wakeman Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

If you want to burn calories and tone your muscles at home, it’s more easier to use the WakeMan portable under desk pedal exerciser.

It has a simple design coupled with a portable size which is ideal for achieving any exercise goals for you after sitting all day. It’s great to use under a desk at the office or while watching your favorite TV show at home.

With just a turn of the knob, you can switch from low impact to high impact, this makes it suitable for therapy or physical fitness training.

The electronic display lets you view time, revolution count and calories burned. The easy to read screen changes automatically through a scan feature that reads and display your activity.

Pros Cons
Excellent resistance It can produce excessive heat
Adjustable knob
Compact and sturdy

AGM Pedal Exerciser – Under Desk Mini Exerciser

Don’t let your busy schedule gets in the way to keep you away from exercising, this AGM Mini Bike Exerciser ensures that you get to squeeze in a workout that fits you and your schedule.

No matter where you’re, at home watching your Sunday league football or in the office crunching figures on the computer — a simple workout with this mini bike will help you to keep fit, lose weight and improve blood circulation.

The LCD display lets you view the values of your workout results, with accurate and timely details. It automatically calculate the number of laps you covered and display it on the screen.

You can easily adjust the tension for a varied resistance training and according to your physical condition and needs.

It has a foot cover design that increases the friction between the feet and the pedal. This ensure that the machine is sturdy and anti-skid.

Pros Cons
Sturdy steel frame A bit heavy
Easy to use
Compact and portable


The one important thing to consider about pedal exerciser when on the lookout to buy is, to consider it’s stability and usability as regards your exercise needs.

For easy mobility and storage, look for the one that is lightweight and easy to assembled and install — this will make it easier for you to move it around and also take it apart for storage.