Best Portable Air Conditioner of 2021

Best Portable Air Conditioner Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Black + Decker 7,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat
Weight:35 pounds|Dimensions:17.1 x 13.8 x 28.1 inches|Control Method:Remote Control| Get it on Amazon
Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner with Alexa Voice Control
Weight:70 pounds|Dimensions:18.9 x 14.9 x 30.5 inches|Control Method:Wireless|  Get it on Amazon
MIDEA MAPO8R1CWT 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:59.9 pounds|Dimensions:13 x 17.1 x 28.3 inches|Control method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:65 pounds|Dimensions:11.8 x 15.4 x 30.4 inches|Sound Level:49 db|Control Method:Remote control|  Get it on Amazon
Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:60 pounds|Dimensions:17 x 29.5 x 16 inches|Energy Efficiency Ratio:13|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
De’Longhi Pinguino Deluxe 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:83 pounds|Dimensions:14 x 16.3 x 31.5 inches|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
GE APCA10YZMW Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:60 pounds|Dimensions:14.1 x 17 x 28.5 inches|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
Frigidaire FFPA1022U1 Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:65 pounds|Dimensions:15.19 x 18.69 x 27.88 inches|Power Source:Corded Electric|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
NINGPU Portable Air Conditioner
Weight:78.8 pounds|Dimensions:16.5 x 19 x 35 inches|Cooling Capacity:14,ooo BTU|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon
Commercial Cool CPT10W6 Portable Unit Air Conditioner
Weight:67.7 pounds|Dimensions:12 x 16 x 27 inches|Capacity:10,000 BTU|Control Method:Remote Control|  Get it on Amazon


Are you looking for the best way to stay cool when the weather heats up?

Staying in a hot weather isn’t something you’ll  enjoy, and that’s why the best portable air conditioner is worth your investment.

A portable air conditioner is the smartest way to beat the heat and control your cool.

Portable air conditioners is a home appliance you cannot do without because they are designed to control the temperature of your room when it’s at the most inconvenient for you.

Portable air conditioner is a good alternative when you can’t install a full air conditioning system or when you only need cooling for some couple of months.

In this post, I’ll show you the best portable air conditioners making the rounds. I’m going to show you quality space-saving and portable air conditioners that are easy to use and maintain.

I’m going to show you the portable air conditioners with efficient cooling system and amazing features to meet your needs.

I’m going to show you portable air conditioners that will give you an overall cooling experience without you needing to breaking the bank.

Let’s get started!

Best Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide

There are a couple of things you need to consider before you make a decision to buy a portable air conditioner.

This is because there are various models on the market and deciding which is best for you can be too much a hassle for you when you want to make a decision.

1. Size

The first thing to consider before buying a portable air conditioner is the size of the room you want to keep it.

An air conditioner too small won’t be able to cool your space the way you want it. 

While an air conditioner that it too large will cool your space and shut down before removing excess moisture from the area – leaving you space too humid.

Make sure you look for the exact size for your space.

2. Ventilation and Exhaust System

All portable air conditioner are designed to vent hot air to cool. The hot air is vented out of the area being cooled using exhaust hose.

The hot air can be vented through the window, door, or through the wall. Some portable air conditioners have a single or double exhaust hose.

3. Energy Efficiency

Portable air conditioners are more energy efficient and this help save money on your electrical bill.

The energy efficiency of a portable air conditioner is measured by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Simply put, the higher the EER the more energy efficient a model will be.

4. Electrical Outlet

Most portable air conditioners use a simple 120 volt power outlet with no special wiring. Others may require special electrical outlet for their operation. 

When selecting a portable air conditioner, pay attention to the products description and specification so as to know the power requirement.

5. Noise Level

Portable air conditioners do make noise because they are equipped with motorized fans and compressor systems that help in cooling and circulating  the air.

If the noise is what you don’t want, consider buying a portable air conditioner with special features that minimize noise.

The features to consider include Programmable timer, Multiple Speeds, and Sleep mode

6. Special Features

Most portable air conditioners come with built-in special features to enhance your cooling experience.

The features are designed to add more convenience and efficiency to your lifestyle and they also help save energy as this reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Some of the features are programmable timer, air directional control, digital controls, remote control, multiple fan speed, and others.

Black + Decker 7,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

The Black + Decker is a portable air conditioner that offers you convenience by delivering air conditioner and heater to your room without a permanent wall mount.

The temperature controls gives you flexible option that will keep you relaxed and comfortable all day.

The heating, cooling, dehumidifying and fan functions are all combined in one unit. You can easily place it into any space as you so want.

The energy saving design has a 24 hour timer to prevent energy waste, auto-control sleep mode at night, 3 fan levels which includes low, medium and high, and vertical motion which provides consistent and automated temperature in your room.

The convenient features includes window panel hose connector, heat and cooling mode, reusable air filter, self-evaporating operation, and others.

Pros Cons
Easy installation and set up Display light is too bright
Exceptional exhaust hose Weak strips and seals
Remote control
Quick cooling and heating


Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner with Alexa Voice Control

The ROLLICOOL portable air conditioner is a compact and portable air conditioner with powerful 14,000 BTU rating, user friendly app, intuitive timer, and wireless options.

The 14,000 BTU ratings and the 3-in-1 comfort solution has the capacity to cool and dehumidify spaces of up to 375 sq.ft .

When in need of some extra air, the COOL 100H-20 Fan mode has a powerful oscillation to see to your needs.

The Comfort Modes features a digital display, a user friendly app, and a voice command using your Alexa device. You can control your energy cost too.

Thanks to its light weight and streamlined design, you can move it from room to room using the four-easy glide 360 degree caster wheels.

Pros Cons
Amazing dehumidifier No remote control
Fast cooling A bit loud
Easy wireless control
Very portable
Energy saver

MIDEA MAPO8R1CWT 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

The MIDEA smart controlled 3-in-1 air conditioner cools and dehumidifies your space quickly, quietly and efficiently with with EasyCool 8,000 BTU rating which delivers fast and effective cooling for spaces up to 150 sq.ft, as well as providing fan and de-humidification for you.

It features an easy to read LED display with a compact remote control to easily set time, temperature and modes across your rooms.

The adjustable 24 hour can cool a room for up to 90 degrees, and has 3-modes: cooling, de-humidification, and fan only.

With its easy installation, just roll your air conditioner to your preferred cooling area, attach the 5ft hose and adjustable window fittings, then turn on the unit and let your cooling begin.

Pros Cons
Easy to use A bit loud
Quick cooling Drainage need upgrade
Timer and energy saver
Remote sensor
Sleep mode

TOSOT 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The TOSOT 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner is designed to be multi-functional with its flexible cooling, efficient drying and incredible quiet nature.

Its flexible cooling ensures that without a central cooling system in place, you don’t have to worry as it’s the perfect air conditioner to keep you cool all the long.

The efficient drying makes for an effective dehumidifier as it can always keep your space humid-free.

With a sound level of 49 decibels, this portable air conditioner provides a focused period of work for you or a restful night sleep.

The adjustable timer gives you complete control over how you run your unit as you can set it to your preferred time.

The Child Lock feature is an easy way to stop kids from playing with the remote control, as it prevents any changes by children.

Pros Cons
Fast cooling Separate cooling system
Oscillating fan A bit heavy
Auto-evaporation system
Super quiet

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter Elite is a dual hose and compact size portable air conditioner designed to utilize space and provides more effective cooling for you. It offers immediate solution for removing humidity and heat.

It provides 12,000 BTU cooling output, the humidifier mode lets you remove 76 pints of moisture during a 24 hour period.

It has an intake and exhaust hose which allows for more air intake, cooling power, and constant air pressure — which results in faster cooling rate.

The 24-hour programmable timer allows you to set the unit to on/off automatically using the remote control that can easily control the speed, temperature, and dehumidifier settings.

You can use the rolling caster wheels for easy movement.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Low quality tubes
Excellent cooling output Weak seals
Dual hose system
Low noise

De’Longhi Pinguino Deluxe 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

The De’Longhi Deluxe air conditioner is designed to let you find comfort and convenience in any moment with its Smart Cooling Technology that meets increased efficiency.

The new Cool Surround feature monitors your space temperature, humidity and your position in the room — which automatically adjusts to achieve and maintain  your indoor temperature.

The ArticWhisper feature ensures that you hear up to 50% less noise, with all its power, it cools and dehumidifies your room without noise.

The 3-in-1 gives you cooling, dehumidifying and a fan.

The Smart Sensing remote control uses Bluetooth monitoring to measure your surroundings temperature and gives you your ideal cooling.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Short hose
Quick cooling results Heavy
Exceptional smart features

GE APCA10YZMW Portable Air Conditioner

GE portable air conditioner delivers 10,000 BTU to cool medium sized rooms up to 350 sq.ft

The 3-in-1 feature is a combination of air conditioning, fan mode, and dehumidifying — which gives you a flexible and optimum home comfort.

The Auto-Evaporation Technology evaporates the excess water under room conditions without you needing a bucket to empty.

The digital thermostat allows you to easily control your unit using the remote control, the 24-hour timer lets you set your preferred time for continuous cooling of your space.

Pros Cons
Easy installation Short hose attachment
Quick cooling
Excellent temperature reading
Easy to use remote controls

Frigidaire FFPA1022U1 Portable Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire portable air conditioner is designed to save space as its compact design fits most rooms, and the four wheels allows you to move it from room to room along with the window install kit and exhaust hose.

With its effortless temperature control, the Frigidaire has a 10,000 BTU air power, using an on-board thermostat the air conditioner maintains the preset room temperature.

You can select options at the touch of a button using the electronic control panel or the remote control.

You can switch between 4 fan speeds and 4 operating modes for your controls.

Pros Cons
Quick cooling Tricky remote interface
Excellent cooling mode No thermal insulation
Super quiet

NINGPU Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner has a powerful 14,000 BTU cooling capacity which can cover up to 500sq.ft., and is ideal for your bedroom, living room, office, and other personal spaces.

It’s multi-functional as it has a 3-in-1 functions of which includes cooling, dehumidifier, and fan. Temperature can also be adjust in the Cooling settings.

The LED display and timer features a simple control panel which lets you select the temperature adjustment, select fan speeds, and set your preferred cooling time.

The Automatic Self-evaporation Technology ensures that you don’t need a bucket to empty.

The built-in humidifier removes up to 50 pints of water in 24 hours with continuous drain option for long unattended operation.

Pros Cons
Fast cooling Noisy
Multi-functional features
Adjustable timer

Commercial Cool CPT10W6 Portable Unit Air Conditioner

The Commercial Cool air conditioner is a portable and compact designed air conditioner built to give you the comfort you desire to keep your room cool with its 10,000 BTU capacity to deliver even coolness.

This remote control air conditioner comes with a 24 hour timer to let you set your preferred time to automatically on/off it, as well as set the temperature you need.

The Auto-water evaporation system makes it easier for you to clean and maintain as you can effortlessly bring out the washable filters to clean them.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Noisy
Amazing cooling outputs Short window hose
Easy remote controls
Compact and portable



In the absence of a central air conditioning system, a portable air conditioner is the perfect solution for your cooling needs.

Due to its portability it can be moved from one room to another base on how you want to cool your space.

For your added convenience consider air-conditioners what’s features that are going to make cooling more convenient and efficient for you.