Best Portable Car Vacuum of 2021

Best Portable Car Vacuum Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
ACOOLOO Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.5 pounds|Battery Capacity:4400mAh|Suction:5000pa|  Get it on Amazon
CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.76lbs|Suction Power:7500pa|Power:150W|Power Source:Corded Electric|  Get it on Amazon
VARSK 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:4 pounds|Suction Power:5500pa|Power Source:Corded Electric|  Get it on Amazon
LEONN 4-in-1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:2.86 pounds|Suction Power:4500pa|Noise Level:75 db|Power Source:Corded Electric, Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
IMAYCC Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:2.09 pounds|Suction Power:5500pa|Wattage:80 watts|Noise Level:65 dB|  Get it on Amazon
Klenky Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:2.38 pounds|Suction Power:7500pa|Wattage:115 watts|Power Source:Corded Electric|  Get it on Amazon
AUTOWOEL Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:3.32 pounds|Suction Power:7500pa|Wattage:100 watts|Power Source:Corded Electric, Battery Powered|  Get it on Amazon
70mai Portable Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:1.32 pounds|Suction Power:5000pa|Battery Capacity:4000mAh|Wattage:80 watts|  Get it on Amazon
Uleete Portable 2-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:4.07 pounds|Suction Power:5500pa|Wattage:110 watts|  Get it on Amazon
VEEAPE Portable 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight:3.7 pounds|Suction Power:6000pa|Power Source:Corded Electric|Voltage:12 volts|  Get it on Amazon

Looking for the best way to keep your car neat and tidy?

The most convenient way to do this is by using a car vacuum  cleaner.

The exterior of the car may have been taking much of your attention, but the interior need your attention as well.

If you want to prolong your car value and lifespan, then you need to give the interior of your car more consideration.

This is because as you drive your car regularly, the interior of your car accumulate as much dust as possible, and for a quick and easy cleaning you’ll need the best car vacuum.

Car vacuum come in various shapes and sizes and depending on the features peculiar to a model, it has a variety of functions to ensure that car cleaning is carried out with ease.

In this post, I am going to show you the best car vacuum currently available on the market at the moment.

I am going to show you quality and affordable car vacuum that can offer you a range of consistent performance with a hassle-free operation.

I’ll show you car vacuums that are space-efficient and which don’t require much space to be stored.

Ill show you why you need a car vacuum with different accessories to make cleaning more easier and efficient for you.

Best Car Vacuum Buying Guide

There are many things that you need to look out for before you make a decision the right type of car vacuum suitable for your needs.

1. Weight

This is the first thing to consider before you take a plunge because the weight of a car vacuum cleaner can ultimately determine if you’re to use it conveniently.

Car vacuum that comes with a host of accessorizes are slightly heavier than those with less or fewer accessories.

Depending on the type of clean up you carry out, and depending on the features you want — consider the weight of the model you’re to buy if you want to enjoy using your car vacuum.

2. Power Source

Some car vacuum are designed to fit in perfectly to your car’s 12V outlet, which makes them more convenient to carry along with you when on the move. This means that you need the corded ones to plug into your car’s outlet.

The cordless type afford you the versatility to use a USB cable to charge or you can plug into a wall outlet because not all can be USB charged.

Consider the battery life and how long it takes to fully charge before you make a decision.

3. Accessories

Different clean up requires different attachment. Cleaning a tight spot need a crevice tool, cleaning the under seat requires an extended hose — while you need a upholstery to clean up the dirt from the floor mats of your car.

A model without different types of accessories can’t meet all your cleaning needs, so you need to consider the one with the right accessories to meet your needs.

ACOOLOO Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Free your car of dust and debris with this handheld car vacuum that has a motor power of 60W capable of providing 4Kpa cyclone suction with a low noise level that is lower than 75db.

It takes a minimum of 2-3 hours to charge, its running time is up to 25 to 30 minutes – enough to give you the freedom to deep-clean even the most tightest of spaces in your  car.

The battery protection chip is designed to protect the battery due to over-use and over-charge.

It’s capable of carrying out both wet and dry cleaning as it’s equipped with 3 light modes which can illuminates dark spaces to help you see clearly while cleaning.

The HEPA filter is reusable and washable, it can filter out fine sand particles efficiently. It’s easy to empty and clean.

Pros Cons
Versatile flashlight
Powerful suction
Easy to charge
Lightweight and easy to store

CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

It’s time to use a professionally deep-cleaning tool to keep dust and debris away from your car by using the CHERYLON car vacuum cleaner to give your car a thorough and effective cleaning, so that you can save a ton of your time and money.

The amazing 150-watt motor has an aluminum alloy fan that gives this car vacuum great suction power of up to 7500pa.

It quickly and easily removes dirt, debris and dust. It has a 0.5 liters of storage bin capable of holding more trash for full and in-depth cleaning exercise.

Whether you want to carryout a wet or dry cleaning, this CHERYLON car vacuum cleaner is capable of meeting your daily cleaning needs as the long power cable is capable of reaching even the most hard to reach areas of your car.

Pros Cons
Strong suction Requires frequent emptying after each use
Handy attachments
Long power cord
Compact and portable

VARSK 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Eliminates tiredness and fatigue while cleaning by adopting the multifunctional VARSK car vacuum cleaner to give your car a deep and thorough cleaning.

This 4-in-1 VARSK cleaner is both a vacuum cleaner and a tire inflation tool which ensures that whilst cleaning, you never have to worry about having a flat tire as you can as well take care of that with the digital flat tire LCD display which lets you fix any flat tire with ease.

The powerful suction takes care of your car cleaning needs by removing dust and debris in and around your car seat, bonnet and trunks.

It has a detachable dust cup which makes for a quick and easy dust emptying.

The 3 different vacuum nozzles ensures that your car cleaning needs can be reliably handled by you.

Pros Cons
Digital display A bit loud
Auto shut-off feature Average suction power
Easy to empty filter
Versatile cleaning nozzles

LEONN 4-in-1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Are you tired of buying and carrying two or more car maintenance tool at the same time?

Then save yourself the trouble of carrying and storing two car maintenance products with the multifunctional LEONN 4-in-1 portable vacuum cleaner which comes with a searchlight tire pressure gauge and inflator.

It comes with 3 different accessories to make cleaning more easier to carryout as it can clean every corner of your car. It’s capable of cleaning, dusting, and removing debris and also wipe any liquid spills.

The long cord is designed to reach and clean any side of your car including areas on the wheels that are difficult to clean.

You can use the LED lighting to see through your cleaning when in a low-light situations.

This makes it easier to find and clean dust in areas that you is difficult for you to see.

Pros Cons
Good suction power
Easy to use
Excellent LED light illumination

IMAYCC Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a handheld car vacuum cleaner that combines portability with powerful suction, then the IMAYCC car vacuum cleaner is your perfect companion.

It boasts an amazing nozzle that easily and readily pick debris, as well as having accessories for tackling dirt and dust in tight spaces.

The high-speed brushless motor gives you unmatched suction power as it effortlessly remove dust, debris and pet hairs. You can also use the crevice tool to clean tight corners on car seat.

You can charge anywhere by connecting the convenient USB port to any charging outlet in your home or office. Its ultra-lighweight and balanced design makes it easy to be stored.

The filters are high quality HEPA filters which make them washable and reusable.

Pros Cons
Strong suction power Dust cup is bit hard to remove
Excellent power storage feature
Lasting battery life
Lightweight and compact

Klenky Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Get the suction power you need to clear the innermost parts of your car of dust and debris with the Klenky portable car vacuum cleaner designed to give you thorough clean up.

The high-efficiency filter system with the remarkable suction design is convenient to use as it makes your hands dirt-free. It’s an efficient cleaning tool as it can remove dust and debris from any part of your car.

It has a detachable dust bin with an extra HEPA filter that ensures you don’t need to replace dust bag frequently.

The corded feature of this cleaner ensures that you don’t have to worry about running out of power anytime as your tool will always be powered.

Pros Cons
Great suction power
Amazing dusting brush
Extended tube
Easy to use and store

AUTOWOEL Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you want to clean up soot, liquid or dust — or you want to clean up pet hair, this is the best vacuum cleaner designed to ensure that you carryout all your cleaning needs with minimal hassle.

The unique dual motor designed enabled this vacuum cleaner to achieve a high suction of up to 7500pa, with a RPM as high as 32,000. This is powerful enough to tackle any wet or dry dirt.

The 100W energy consumption of the cleaner ensures that energy consumption is low, as this help maintain the car safety as the car battery can never exceed 100W of power.

It has a detachable dust cup and double HEPA filter which are washable. The dust bin is easy to empty, while the double dust collecting head is suitable to easily dump debris quickly.

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Decent suction power
Versatile attachments
Extended cord

70mai Portable Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Get a one-stop solution for your daily cleaning needs with a combination of sleek design and unmatched performance, the 70mai is one car vacuum that makes cleaning easy and enjoyable.

It’s powered by a 5000pa suction motor with 32000rpm high-speed efficiency to meet your frequent cleaning needs.

The advanced cyclone technology allows for the deepest and fastest cleaning as it effortlessly removes dust, debris and other annoying messes around you.

The dual-layered HEPA filtration system easily traps fine particles and other contaminants so as to prevents from being released back into the air from the exhaust.

No matter where you’re, this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your space as much as you can with its cord-free portable design that is so compact that you can virtually use it anywhere.

Pros Cons
Good suction power Average battery life
Versatile cleaner heads
Low noise level
Easy to store

Uleete Portable 2-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Embrace the multi-functionality of Uleete 2-in-1 feature that has a vacuum cleaner and a tire inflator for the ease of cleaning and inflating your car tire.

The 5500 powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner ensures that 99.7% of particles are picked up, leaving your car thoroughly cleaned.

The brush tool, crevice nozzle and extended tube, all combined to offer you versatile cleaning options — as well as ensures that your car is free from annoying and messy items.

The One-Click release feature allows you to, with just a single touch — empty the dust cup without using your hands to touch the dirt.

You can use the bright LED light to vacuum your car or inflate your car tires in the dark, as this ensures that you easily find dirt in tight spaces or corners and also avoid any unfortunate accident that might occur when inflating your car tire.

The HEPA filter has various filtering features to prevent pollution, the filters can be easily washed and dried when dirty.

Pros Cons
Easy to use No cord wrap
Extended cord
Multiple attachments

VEEAPE Portable 4-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is an unexpected workhorse as it can tackle any cleaning tasks you throw at it, it features a 6000pa suction power to help you easily clean dust, pet hair, sand, particles of food, liquid or debris in tight corners of the car and other places.

Whether you want to use it for a wet or dry cleaning, the VEEAPE is a handy tool, with the right attachment, capable of cleaning your car’s interior from top to bottom.

The digital tire pressure gauge and smart inflator gives your tire accurate pressure and shuts off once the required pressure is reached, it has 3 different inflating outlets capable of handling any inflating tasks you want.

The extended tube is designed to reach any part of your car to solve your car’s cleaning needs and give you that dirt-free ride you deserved.

The 2 washable HEPA filters come with different vacuum nozzles to meet all your car cleaning needs, while the detachable dust cup is easy to remove and emptied.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Can only work on car adapter
Multifunctional accessories
Automatic tire pressure control
Sleek and compact design


You can trust the car vacuum to take care of cleaning the interior of your car as well as ensuring that the inside of your car remain clean, dust-free and allergy-free.

To get rid of annoying mess in your car, consider the models that have different accessories to enable you talk level dust, debris, and pets hair in and around your car.

Look for the one with the best features you want and make a choice.