Best Sewing Machines of 2021

Best Sewing Machine Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine
Weight:7.14 Kilograms|Material:Metal|Power Source:Treadle Powered|Stitches:110|  Get it on Amazon
Brother Sewing Machine GX37
Weight:15.4 pounds|Material:Metal|Power Source:Treadle Powered|Stitches:37|  Get it on Amazon
Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine
Weight:3.69pounds|Power Source:Battery Powered|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
Varmax Sewing Machine with Sewing Kits
Weight:3.27 pounds|Power Source:Corded Electric|Stitches:1|  Get it on Amazon
HYEASTR Sewing Machine
Weight:5.83 pounds|Power Source: Battery Powered|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
YOVYOV Portable Sewing Machine
Weight:5.1 pounds|Power Source: Battery Powered|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
KPCB Sewing Machine for Beginners
Weight:6.09 pounds|Power Source:Corded Electric|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
Moregem Portable Electric Sewing Machine
Weight:5.13 pounds|Power Source:Corded Electric|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
Aonesy Portable Sewing Machine
Weight:5.37 pounds|Power Source:Corded Electric|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon
WilBee Sewing Machine
Weight:6.41 pounds|Power Source:DC|Stitches:12|  Get it on Amazon

From fixing water pipes to making furniture at home, the demand for DIY projects at home is on the rise.

And what better way to include a new DIY task at home than having a sewing machine that you can use in sewing new home fabrics or patching old ones.

It’s time to create for yourself something to admire, something to like, and something to cherish. Make curtains, clothes, upholstery, mask, and more.

Whether you’re looking to make some pair of sweat pants or create a facemask for yourself and others, you will need the best sewing machine to help you out.

The best sewing machines are high-quality and advanced with different programmable settings, coupled with a variety of stitches and other important features.

If you want a sewing machine that can balance features and performance for you, I’ll show you exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Sewing Machines Buying Guide

When selecting the sewing machine that can best serve your needs, you need to consider the type of projects you want to work on — as not all sewing machines can give you the satisfaction you want.

That said, you need to consider some crucial factors to help you make better decision on which one is the best for you.

1. Skill

This refers to whether you have the skills to operate a high-end sewing machine with multiple features and functions.

If you’re new to using sewing machine, look for an easy to use machine that will help you master the basics whenever you use it.

2. Features

Consider whether you want a computerized sewing machine or the non-programmable one.

This is so because computerized and programmable sewing machines are expensive, have automatic features and requirres someone who’s tech-savvy enough to operate it.

Considering the features of a sewing machine will go a long way to help you make a decision about which to buy.

3. Capability

Different models of sewing machines have different capabilities to do a particular task.  Some sewing machines are designed to do just the basics like plain stitches and button hole.

Others come with more advanced features like decorative stitches and embroidery, while some have interchangeable pressure feet to help reduce work loads on any of your feet during operation.


SINGER Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

This powerful SINGER sewing machine is a powerhouse designed with power and enhanced speed that is perfect for tackling thick fabrics and long seams with ease and in no time.

It comes with a stainless steel bedplate which ensures the smooth flow of fabrics, the interior metal frame enables skip-free sewing.

The 110 stich applications is suitable for basic sewing techniques like crafting, mending and repair.

The high sewing speed is capable of sewing fabris such as canvas and leather, as well as denim and other thicker fabric layers without any hassle.

For enhanced capability and convenience, the 7 pressser feet makes your machine capable for various sewing techniques.

It has a simple 1-step automatic buttonhole process which provides reliable results all the time. Simply place the button in the buttonhole and the machine will sew a buttonhole perfectly sized to the button.

Pros Cons
Powerful and quick stitch Only works with small threads
Strong handles
Very stable
Multiple stitches

Brother Sewing Machine GX37

For an easy to use sewing machine with all the functions and features you want, check out the Brother GX37 sewing machine.

With 37 sticthes for both decorative and utility garment making, you can conveniently print the sticht on the machine and select the one best suited for your sewing by turning the dial.

You can make eye-catching buttonholes using the automatic one-step buttonhole stitch and buttonhole foot.

This user-friendly sewing machine has a free arm sewing which makes sewing sleeves, cuffs and skinny jeans a breeze.

At every time, you can easily thread the machine using the automatic needle threader that pushes thread through the needle without any effort from you.

As a user, you can see your full potential by making use of the range of features it has. It’s also lightweight and portable, without sacrificing its capabilities.

Pros Cons
Easy to use A bit loud
Automatic needle threader
Amazing bobbin loading
Lightweight and portable

Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

If you want a portable sewing machine for your use, the Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine is your best bet.

Weighing just 3.69 pounds, it has a mini design that allows you to take it with you to work, on trips, or anywhere else you choose to go.

Should you choose to go on a trip with it, it has a dust-proof bag which you can put in a backpack or a suitcase for your use while on the move.

It has 3 different replaceable foot presser to meet your different sewing needs. Other features includes sewing buttons, sewing zippers, and sewing invisible zippers.

You can also use the reverse sewing technique to produce better results. Simply press the button and it will immediately start working.

Pros Cons
Reverse sewing feature Only perfect for thin fabrics
Multiple accessory settings
Easy to use

Varmax Sewing Maching with Sewing Kits

If you’re a beginner, there is no better sewing machine out there to help you master the basics of sewing better than the Varmax Sewing Machine.

It features 32 bobbins, a scissor, 5 needles, a threader, a thimble and seam ripper. This sewing machine is compatible with other high-end sewing machines as it provides more choices in thread and color.

Equipped with a single straight stitch mode, this is to ensure that as a beginner — this sewing machine is a good choice for you to learn sewing in no time.

The foot controller and adapter is designed to help you achieve fast mending and sewing. It’s pretty easy to place your foot on it and use it.

Pros Cons
Super easy to use No reverse function
Fast and efficient
Easy to thread

HYEASTR Sewing Machine

The HYEASTR Sewing Machine has 12 different kinds of stitches with a reverse sewing technology to meet your different sewing needs.

Its powerful function allows it to operate with 4 batteries which is enough to power the unit through any type of fabric you want to sew.

It has a thread cutter that can easily cut out the thread for you after sewing. There is a LED light which add more visibility for you when sewing. The light is soft and gentle to the eyes.

You can use the attached foot pedal to control the machine using your feet, while you use your hand to guide the fabric.

Pros Cons
Easily adjustable stitch
Reverse sewing technology
Bright LED light

YOVYOV Portable Sewing Machine

This is a multifunctional portable sewing machine that comes with 12 stitch patterns for handling daily sewing projects like mending, making pets clothes, and other DIY sewing tasks.

It has two ways with which you can control crafting and mending: by using the on/off switch or using a foot pedal.

The minimalist design give it a simple outlook with readily available tools and features like ruler, threads, and hidden drawer for storing threads.

It has an anti-slip bottompads which ensures that the sewing machine will not wobble during operation.  What more, the needle threader makes the threading process quick and easy, safe and hassle-free.

Pros Cons
Easy to operate
Minimalist and sleek design
Compact and portable

KPCB Sewing Machine for Beginners

This multi-accessory sewing machine is perfect for those engaging in DIY sewing projects at home or anywhere else, due to its suitability in making sewing for beginners seamless and hassle-free.

As a beginner, making use of the reverse function will help you in completing a sewing project in no time.

The 12 stitches includes 4 straight line stitches, 4 zigzag stitches, a blind hem stictch and an overedge stitch. For your daily mending demand, this multi stitch supports virtually any mending you want to do.

The electrical adapter mand foot controller makes this sewing machine efficient and reliable for any DIY sewing and mending projects.

Pros Cons
Reverse lever
Bright LED light
Built-in thread cutter

Moregem Portable Electric Sewing Machine

The Moregem Portable Electric Sewing Machine comes with 12 built-in stitches which allows you choose from a variety of stitches to meet your sewing needs.

If you enjoy sewing cuffs and sleeves of trousers, this machine has an arm specification which is convenient to use, as well as for making holes on garments.

With the double thread design, you can choose the type of stitch you want to use on a particular garment. Use the speed button to choose between high and low settings for sewing according to your preference.

Pros Cons
Excellent speed control


Aonesy Portable Sewing Machine

If you’re an aspiring fashion designer, the Aonesy Portable Sewing Machine is your companion for the journey as a beginner. Its compact size, features, and performance makes it the ideal machine for beginners.

With this mini sewing machine, you can sew any type of clothes you want, be it pants, mini-skirts, short or blouses.

The built-in stitches is great for making clothes, adjusting and mending clothes made from different fabrics. For your project, there is no better alternative to this.

The built-in LED light is designed to give you visibility as you sew through fabrics and materials with ease.

When you’re done with any sewing project, use the winding function to keep the thread intact and be ready for the next task.

Pros Cons
Easy to navigate
Auto bobbin rewinder
Built-in LED light
Auto reverse foot pedal

WilBee Sewing Machine

Meet your DIY sewing needs with the WilBee handmade sewing machine designed to give beginners the basics of sewing experience in a seamless and hassle-free way.

You can make your pillow case, baby wear, pets wear, sweat pants, curtains, and just about any clothing and garment you can think of.

Its strong penetrating ability can slice through any layers of thick cloths, the locking function can lock the edges of clothes — beautify the edges and prevents the lines from opening.

With the reverse sewing, you can press the backstitch button to make stitches in another direction. This is done t prevents lines from unraveling.

Pros Cons
Amazing stitching
Easy to use
Strong penetration


Portable sewing machines are  now part of the many DIY machines that you can use at home to make a variety of garments like pants, pets clothes, curtains, pillow case, and others.

The type of sewing machine you need depends on the type of sewing projects you want to carry out, no all sewing machines have the features you want.

Look for a sewing machine that can allow you to stitch in various ways and also lets you have ease in using it.