Best Steam Irons of 2021

Best Steam Irons Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
PurSteam Professional Grade Steam Iron
Weight:3.63 pounds|Soleplate:Ceramic|LCD Screen|Auto-off| Get it on Amazon
Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron
Weight:3.69 pounds|Wattage:1725 watts|Water Tank:11 oz|Soleplate:Stainless Steel| Get it on Amazon
Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron
Weight:2.95 pounds|Wattage:1400 W| Get it on Amazon
Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station
Weight:14.2 pounds|Water Tank:37 oz|Wattage:1800 Watts| Get it on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron
Weight:2 pounds|Soleplate:Stainless Steel|Wattage:1200 Watts| Get it on Amazon
MOOSOO Steam Iron
Weight:2.9lbs|Wattage;1800 Watts|Water Tank:470ml| Get it on Amazon
Maytag M400 Steam Iron
Weight:3.3 pounds|Wattage:1500 Watts| Get it on Amazon
CHI Steam Iron
Weight:3.5 pounds|Wattage:1700 Watts|Soleplate:Ceramic| Get it on Amazon
Shark Steam Iron
Weight: 3.2 pounds|Wattage;1500 Watts|Water Tank:260ml| Get it on Amazon
Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron
Weight:4.02 pounds|Wattage:1500 Watts| Get it on Amazon

If you want your clothes to look professionally pressed at home, a steam iron will make your clothes look exactly the way you want it.

You need a steam iron to get your clothes looking wrinkle-free and crisp. Garment steamers are no match for a steam iron because it’s the intense heat and weight of the steam iron that makes it head and shoulder above garment steamer.

Steam irons are the quickest and easier ways to remove wrinkles from clothes.

It uses a combination of heat and steam to remove even the most stubborn creases, ensuring that your garment look crisp and well pressed.

In this post, I’ll you quality steam irons that have high wattage with a non-stick¬† soleplate coupled with anti-drip feature to let you have a pleasant ironing experience.

I’ll show you the best steam irons that can generate enough heat to iron your garments without sticking to your clothes.

Whether you’re looking for a new steam iron or you want to replace an old one, this is the right place for you.

Best Steam Irons Buying Guide

Shopping for a new steam iron can be a bit tricky for you and this is why this guide is made to help you make an informed decision on the right steam iron to buy.

1. Water Tank

The capacity of a steam iron’s water tank will show you how much steam the iron can produce.

A steam iron with a relatively low water tank capacity of, say, 7 ounces — require frequent refilling.

While the one with a large water tank capacity offers you more continuous steam time when pressing your garments.

2. Soleplate

The ability to navigate through fabrics or garments easily when in use without your clothes sticking to the soleplate is one experience to cherish.

That said, there are various type of soleplate used by manufacturers and each one has its own peculiar way of working.

Stainless steel soleplate are the most common types of soleplate used in steam irons as they are known for their smooth surface.

3. Steam Production

Some models are known for their high level of steam output which brings about maximum effectiveness in pressing tough garments and other house fabrics.

Based on the type of garment or fabric you wear, choose the one that produce the right amount of steam you need to achieve your desired results.

PurSteam Professional Grade Steam Iron

If you want a steam iron with an impressive steaming capability, then look no further.

The PurStream Professional Grade Iron offers you remarkable features and overall ironing experience.

It has a sharp precision tip and ergonomic controls that allows you select your fabric type and iron with the right heat settings.

The PurSteam provides you with the ideal temperatures for almost any type of fabric like cotton, wool, silk, nylon,etc.

The durable ceramic soleplate is long lasting, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

The axial alignment of this iron and the size of the steam holes gives you the maximum amount of heats you need and maintaining even heat distribution.

You can use the LCD screen to select the ideal temperature for your clothes. The self-cleaning function is designed for deep cleaning of some parts like the soleplate.

Pros Cons
Clear LCD display screen Loud beeps
Versatile heat settings
Auto shut off
Lightweight and comfortable

Rowenta Professional DW5280 1725-Watts Steam Iron

When it comes to efficiency and high-end features, the Rowenta Professional Steam iron is what you need to marry efficiency with features.

The sharp precision tip and an easy to read ergonomic controls coupled with an impressive steam capabilities, make the Rowenta Professional steam iron a must for all homes.

The stainless steel soleplate is designed to be micro-steam which makes it have an even and excellent steam distribution, you can easily glide through any type of clothes or fabrics for perfect results.

The auto shut off system is a safety precaution that saves energy and help prevents accident. It automatically shut off after 8 minutes of inactivity.

It has a high-precision metal tip that gives you easy access to hard-to-reach areas around the collars and buttons.

Pros Cons
Fast heat up Difficult to refill
Auto shut off
Extended cord

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron

The Sunbeam Steammaster offers you proven performance with with an equally exceptional results as you experience the power of the Sunbeam with its wrinkle-removal capability.

It has a variable steam control that which you can select to make wrinkles disappear easily from your clothes, the dual spray mist is designed to dampen fabric which have stubborn wrinkles on them.

Flattening and refreshing up hanging garments or fabric isn’t an an issue at all. Use the vertical shot of steam feature that is provided to have a go at any garment in an upright position.

The 3-way motion smart technology automatically shuts the iron off when left inactive, the retractable cord lets you manage the cord easily for a convenient and hassle-free storage.

Pros Cons
Powerful steam shot It’s large
Retractable cord

Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station

If you find yourself frequently skipping using the iron to press your clothes, chances are you may have seen ironing as something too much a hassle for you to handle.

The Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Steam Station ensures that you save up to 40% of your ironing time.

The fast heat up feature of this iron ensures that in just 2 minutes, your unit is ready for use.

It has a lightweight stainless steel soleplate  that is capable of providing regular bursts of steam, ease of use and unmatched durability.

The large removable water tank lets you have longer steaming session and less refill time.

You can use this iron to carry out effortless upright steaming, as it’s perfect for removing wrinkle and sanitizing your delicate garments and fabrics.

You can use the controllable steam output to adjust the temperature based on the type of fabric you want to iron.

Pros Cons
Narrow ironing tip No auto shut off
Heavy duty
Large water tank
Less refill time

BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron

Speed up your ironing with the Vitessa Advanced Steam iron that has an even steam distribution and a soleplate that produce consistent steam flow.

It has a SmartSteam Technology which combines steam and temperature control in one simple dial.

The nonstick soleplate provides you with the freedom to smoothly glide through fabrics to tackle wrinkles, weak or tough.

The built-in motion-sensitive technology automatically shut off the iron when not in use for up to 8 minutes, no need to worry about about switching it off.

You can easily unwind the spring-loaded cord cord for use and retract it after use for safety.

Pros Cons
Good steam ability Water level can’t be viewed clearly
Retractable cord
Steam and temperature control

MOOSOO Steam Iron

In less than a minute, this steam iron reaches its maximum temperature. And in less than a minute, any stubborn wrinkle on your clothes is gone.

The ceramic soleplate is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. It has an enhanced nonstick feature that can easily glide through any type of fabric to remove wrinkles and creases.

The 4 adjustable temperature settings allows you to use the MOOSOO on a variety of fabrics, while the advanced steam feature lets you set the optimal temperature for every type of materials you want to iron.

The auto-clean system help maintain the unit’s performance as it flushes out mineral deposits from the iron.

With the 450ml water tank, you can have an extended time of ironing once full, no need for frequent refilling.

Pros Cons
Excellent steam control A bit heavy
Even mist spray Water level can’t be seen
Large water tank
Steam and dry ironing

Maytag M400 Steam Iron

It’s time to go for dependability and reliability to ease your home chores and the Maytag M400 is there to deliver to you the best possible performance.

Engineered with a SpeedHeat Technology that maximizes performance by bringing up the iron to be active, from power-off to full heat in just about about 40 seconds.

The steam is instantly regenerated so as to help you tackle even the most toughest of wrinkles with ease, the soft-touch handle ensures comfort and convenience while ironing or steaming any fabric.

For different fabrics, you can use the precision thermostat to select the temperature that will meet the heat requirement of your garment.

No need to stress yourself about cleaning your steam iron as the unit is equipped with anti-calc and anti-scale necessary for keeping your unit running optimally.

Pros Cons
Quality soleplate Water tank isn’t transparent
Great steam
Auto shut off

CHI Steam Iron

Whether your choice is a well-pressed suit, wrinkle-free shirt or a silk dress for party, the CHI Steam Iron will let you achieve exactly what you want.

The titanium-infused ceramic soleplate is durable enough to withstand the rigors of ironing and scratches.

It heats up quickly and at the same time provides you with ability to glide through any garment — no matter how tough it is.

The illuminated digital temperature control display makes ironing more simple than ever, you can easily adjust the steam and go with the flow.

The swivel lid makes for an easy access to the water tank tank to refill. The retractable cord lets you put your iron away after use without worrying about loose cord.

Pros Cons
Great steam burst No off button
No spitting and dripping
Nonstick soleplate

Shark Steam Iron

If you’re a fan of lightweight home electrical appliances, then the steam iron is no exception.

Use the Shark steam iron to give your clothes that professional look using its remarkable features to strike out wrinkles effortlessly.

Its compact size allows you to easily steam upholstery, drapes, curtains and other hanging home fabrics using its innovative and ergonomically designed vertical steam capability.

The 1300 watts of power provides you with quick heats to smooth your clothes and remove wrinkles within the shortest possible time.

The anti-drip feature ensures that when using the iron in vertical position, the iron is able to contain dripping as it has airtight lid over the water tank.

With the multi-position, you can use it when in an upright or vertical position as well as on an ironing board or horizontal position.

Pros Cons
Large water tank Water tank need constant refilling
Quick heats up
Multi ironing position
Easy to use

Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron

Some high-end steam iron models have a high price tag, but you don’t need to break the bank to get yourself a reliable and efficient steam iron for your use.

The Mueller Professional Grade Steam Iron comes with 1500 watts of power, enough to help remove any stubborn wrinkle on your clothes.

What more, it takes just about 3 seconds for the heat to regenerate and reach maximum temperature.

With a soleplate made of stainless steel, you can effortlessly glides over fabrics and also reach tight spot and corners.

Even the most delicate fabrics can find this steam iron very welcoming. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

The precise control allows you to use your steam iron in a face-down position without burning or scorching your fabric or the iron board.

You can also use the vertical steam feature to steam hanged clothes in an upright position.

If you want the best and quality steam iron to make your life more easier, this Mueller Professional Steam Iron is one that you can’t afford to overlook.

Pros Cons
Large iron surface A bit heavy
Amazing cord retract
Large water reservoir


Unlike handheld steamers, steam irons are more quick to heat and produce steam needed to remove wrinkles from clothes.

Some are designed to produce average steam needed to press certain fabrics, while others are made to produce high steam to tackle tough wrinkles.

Depending on your choice of use, consider the type and model that can meet your needs and make a choice.