Best Water Flossers of 2021

Best Water Flossers Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
SOOSISI Cordless Water Flosser
Power Source:Battery Powered|Water Tank:300ML|Charging Time:2-3 Hours|  Get it on Amazon
BESTOPE Water Flosser for Teeth
Water Tank:250ML|Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4 hours|  Get it on Amazon
Adoric Life Water Flossers for Teeth
Water Tank:300ml|Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4 Hours|  Get it on Amazon
Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser
Power Source:Corded Electric|Pressure Settings:10|  Get it on Amazon
ATMOKO Cordless Water Flosser
Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4 Hours|Water Tank:270ml|  Get it on Amazon
Fairywill Professional Cordless Water Flosser
Water Tank:300ml|Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4 Hours|  Get it on Amazon
Homegeek Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner
Water Tank:600ml|Power Source:Corded Electric|  Get it on Amazon
Nicwell Cordless Flosser for Teeth
Power Source:Battery Powered|Water Tank:200ml|  Get it on Amazon
h2ofloss Portable Dental Water Flosser
Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4-5 hours|  Get it on Amazon
CREMAX Professional Water Flosser For Teeth
Water Tank:300ml|Power Source:Battery Powered|Charging Time:4 Hours|  Get it on Amazon

Brushing of teeth as important as it is, is not enough. But cleaning in between your teeth and gums is good for overall oral health.

Brushing combined with daily flossing enhances your oral health remarkably. A water flosser directs a stream of water between your teeth and gums and in the process removes food debris, plaque and bacteria.

Unlike string floss, water floss do not require the same energy to use that string floss does — they are more effective in cleaning around braces and more easier and fun to use.

I am going to show you water flossers that are known for performance and quality, with advanced features and options to fit your lifestyle.

I’ll show you exceptional water flossers that are versatile, have multiple modes, even for sensitive gums — and are  perfect for you if gum sensitivity is a problem for you.

Best Water Flossers Buying Guide

With the variety of models flooding the market and manufacturers designing features with different options for users, selecting the right water flosser for your need can be more complicated than you think.

That said, the features highlighted below are what you need to consider before you make a decision on which to buy.

  1. Stream Style
    Most flossers have different or similar way to dispense water. Some models can dispense a continuous stream of water, while others emits quick, tiny burst of water.

    Not all water flossers are compatible to use with mouth wash due to the way they dispense water.
    So, depending on how you want to use it — look for the one with the right stream style that meet your needs.

  2. Power Source
    Some flossers require plugging to a wall outlet during use, while some are cordless. Most cordless models have built-in rechargeable battery while others use replaceable batteries.

  3. Counter Space
    Some models take up more counter space than others so storing them requires enough space. Moreover, models with large water tank are more likely to occupy space than those with low water tank.

    If you’re the type that do not like clutter, your best bet is to choose the one that will fit perfectly on the available counter space you have.

SOOSISI Cordless Water Flosser

The SOOSISI Cordless Water Flosser is a flexible flosser that has an adjustable water pressure with 3 modes: cleaning mode, pulse mode and surfing mode.

It has 5 multifunctional nozzles to meet your various needs and long term use. The 360 degree rotatable nozzle design can completely clean your teeth from multiple angles, and also help prevents tooth decay, dental plaque, and hypersensitivity.

The water tank is designed for uninterrupted dental flossing. It’s large enough to meet your daily flossing routine without you needing to fill it before each use. It’s detachable so cleaning is not something to scare you away.

With the no-slip design, you need not worry about the unit slipping away from your hands as it’s easier to hold and control without falling off.

Pros Cons
Multiple rotating heads
Suitable water pressure

BESTOPE Water Flosser for Teeth

If your aim is to have a water flosser that can give you unmatched ability to use it, the BESTOPE Water Flosser is the right one for you.

It has a special DIY mode which easily adjust to the most comfortable water pressure, that’s suitable for even the most sensitive teeth, also good for bleeding gums and bad breath — and beneficial for braces care.

It come with 4 nozzles that allows you and your family to use it in turn. The rotating nozzle is designed to reach even the deepest of places, making it possible to clean crowns, braces and implants.

You can easily hold the water flosser firmly even when your hands are wet as it has an ergonomically curved non-slip handle designed to let you have a strong grip.

It has a colorful light display that lets you know the percentage of the battery. Red light indicates low power, the yellow light shows when the charging is at 59%, while the blue light indicates charging at 60% and above.

Pros Cons
Stable water pressure
Colorful light indicator
Adjustable power and angle
Portable and compact

Adoric Life Water Flossers for Teeth

This water flosser when used frequently, help remove food debris stuck between teeth and preventing tooth decay. It basically meet all your family oral hygiene needs.

It has 3 modes with different water pressure which are: standard, gentle, massage. It’s capable of thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums, bridges and braces efficiently. Also included is a tongue cleaner.

It has a large and detachable water tank for convenient cleaning. The 300ml capacity makes it needless for you to refill frequently.

The Tonsil stone remover ensures that every bits of food particles is removed. The unt body is waterproof so you can easily wash it and use it even in the shower.

Pros Cons
Tongue scraper included
Easy to refill water tank
Versatile water pressure modes

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

The easy and most effective way for you to floss frequently is by using the Waterpik Aquarius Flosser. It gives your mouth a thorough cleaning that no other flosser can matched.

Its advanced technology features a massage mode for gum stimulation and an enhanced pressure with 10 settings for a custom clean mouth flossing.

It has a combo of pressure, pulse and stream size that can help improve and maintain your oral health.

The 2 modes, floss and massage — are highly adjustable to give your teeth and gum’s sensitivity.

The 7 different tips ensures that you and your family members oral care and needs is taken care of.

Pros Cons
Continuous water streaming It occupies large counter space
Multiple pressure settings
Effective on/off button

ATMOKO Cordless Water Flosser

If your aim kis to have a healthier set of teeth and gums, the ATMOKO Cordless water flosser has been proven to be more effective than other flossing units as it’s gentle on teeth and gums, no matter the sensitivity.

It effectively removes 99% of plaques and other food debris that even brushes can’t do. Perfect for braces, bridges, and implants.

The lightweight waterproof design lets you use it even in the shower, you can as well wash it with water without the need to worry over its functions.

The 3 different mode is designed to suit all kinds of condition of teeth and gums. Select the one most convenient for your dental needs.

Pros Cons
High floss speed Tip is a bit difficult to rotate
Versatile speed settings
Long batter life

Fairywill Professional Cordless Water Flosser

Take full charge of your oral health using the Fairywill Professional Cordless Water Flosser and bring back your confidence with a full oral health status.

The uniqueb pulsating technique delivers high pressure water pulse, strong enough to remove food residue deep that are stuck deep into the corners of the teeth.

It effectively stimulates and massage the gums, perfect for bleeding gums, removing tooth plaque and beneficial for braces and bridges care.

The detachable water tank is large enough to accommodate extensive flossing without you needing to refill it frequently.

The 8 pieces rotatable tips is to ensure replacement or to use with other family members.

Pros Cons
Multiple flossing features Too powerful for sensitive gums
Ergonomic handle for easy grip
Easy to fix nozzle

Homegeek Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner

This oral water flosser comes with a large water tank that can hold enough water to last you throughout your flossing routine. At 600ml, the water tank can hold more than just you need.

Its combination of water pressure and pulsation is effective to reduce gingivitis. It easily flush out anything stuck between your teeth in a matter of seconds. This provides the perfect performance to improve your your overall oral health.

The 10 adjustable power water pressure settings for different water pressure gives you comfortable pressure to meet even the most sensitive of teeth or gums.

With this water flosser, you will get to experience thorough oral cleansing and improvement in your oral health which help improve your confidence.

Pros Cons
Strong pulse It need large counter space
Dual voltage support

Nicwell Cordless Flosser for Teeth

This dental water jet flosser can clean deep areas of your teeh that the traditional brush can’t do, it can effectively clean the backside and gap of your teeth , as well as remove harmful bacteria that are hidden.

The high-pressure pulsed water deep-clean the mouth thoroughly and preventing a wide range of oral problems from occurring. 

With a 2-way water injection and 200ml of water reservoir, 50 seconds of water burst is enough to give you a thorough mouth cleaning.

The detachable water tank is designed in such a way to make it easy for you to wash and keep the unit clean.

With the low-noise feature, you won’t have to worry noise when using it whether in the hotel restroom or at home when the baby is sleeping.

Pros Cons
Multiple head tip Average power
Low noise
Lightweight and portable

h2ofloss Portable Dental Water Flosser

This lightweight and elegantly designed water flosser lets you easily customize your teeth cleaning experience with the 5 water pressure settings which ensures that food remnants are removed easily no matter how deep they are stuck between the teeth.

The rotatable nozzles allows you to easily clean difficult to reach areas and prevent tooth decay, dental inflammation and hypersensitivity.

It has a detachable water tank that is easy to remove and clean. The water tank capacity is large enough for you to fill and use without the need to refill after each and every use.

The waterproof designed is to ensure that both the internal and external of the unit are protected.

You can safely use water flosser in the shower without worrying about damaging the unit.

Pros Cons
Ergonomically designed tip Cleaning is a bit complicated
Adjustable pressure speed
Very portable

CREMAX Professional Water Flosser For Teeth

For effective dental problem prevention, this water flosser reliably solves a variety of dental problems such dental plaque, bleeding gums, bad breath, removal of food residue, and others.

You can use the one-click switch button and mode to enable you easily use it. The buttons are designed to prevent accidental touch.

The 3 cleaning modes of which are: normal, soft, and pulse are designed to offer you versatile cleaning options like deep cleaning and massaging. You can choose the cleaning mode according to your needs.

With the removable water tank, the cleaning process is made more easier for you so as to keep the water reservoir clean at all time.

Pros Cons
Excellent rotating nozzles A bit heavy
Effective teeth flossing
Continuous water burst
Compact and portable


Unlike the traditional floss, water flosser typically targets your teeth and gums by making use of pressurized water to clear your mouth of food debris, plaque and other mouth bacteria.

Consider the stream style of the model you want to buy, coupled with the type of power it use, and the counter space it will likely occupy before you make a choice.