Best Water Hose of 2021

Best Water Hose Comparison Table

Name Features Where to Buy
Camco 50ft TastePure Drinking Water Hose – Lead & BPA Free
Weight:4.5 pounds|Dimensions:3.75 x 13.25 x 13.13 inches|Material:PVC|  Get it on Amazon
Coxreels P-LP-150 Low Pressure Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel
Weight:38 pounds|Dimensions:17.25 x 6.12 x 18.25 inches|Length:50 feet|Diameter:1/4 inches|   Get it on Amazon
Abbott Rubber 1147-2000-50 PVC Discharge Hose Assembly
Weight:12.12 pounds|Dimensions:16 x 4 x 16 inches|Material:PVC|Maximum Pressure:65 pound per square inch|  Get it on Amazon
GOODYEAR Air/Water Hose Retractable Reel Spring Driven
Weight:49 pounds|Dimensions:19.5 x 5.6 x 19.3 inches|Material:Styrene Butadiene Rubber|  Get it on Amazon
Reelcraft 5635 Premium Duty Spring Retractable Hose Reel
Weight:24.5 pounds|Dimensions:13.75 x 6 x 14.5 inches|Material:Steel|  Get it on Amazon
Amazon Commercial Air/Water Retractable Hose Reel
Weight:13 pounds|Dimensions:16 x 7.5 x 10.3 inches|Material:Polypropylene (PP)|  Get it on Amazon
Apache 98138045 2” x 50 Blue PVC Lay-Flat Water Hose
Weight:9.25 pounds|Dimensions:11 x 12 x 4 inches|Material:PVC|  Get it on Amazon
Blue 2” x 100 Pool Pump Water PVC Hose
Weight:3.68 pounds|Material:PVC|Length:100 feet|  Get it on Amazon
Stanios 4502-1000 Reinforced Blue PVC Lay Flat Water Discharge Hose
Material:Polyester|Length:100 feet|Max Pressure:85.00 pounds|  Get it on Amazon
ReelWorks Retractable air hose reel
Weight:35.3 pounds|Dimensions:17.5 x 8.5 x 19.8 inches|  Get it on Amazon

Do you have plants to water or a car to wash?

All water hoses are not made equal because they are designed for a multitude of uses.

Water hose are often heavy and difficult to drag around which is why this article is about to showing you lightweight and kink-resistant hoses that are designed to be more user-friendly and convenient to use.

In this post, I’ll show you affordable and well-made water hoses that are virtually kink-free and are lighter and easier to move around than those old heavy rubber type of old.

I’ll show you water hoses that have high resistance to kink, wear, and pull during use such that you can continue using it over and over again without worrying about durability.

Come with me as I show you quality and durable water hoses that can undertake any tasks you want to use it for, and ones that can meet your needs.

Best Water Hose Buying Guide

With the sheer numbers of water hoses making the rounds in the market and the different types coming from different manufacturers, choosing the water hose that is right for you can be a bit stressful.

As such, the buying guide below seeks to help you consider the right one that can meet your needs

1. Type

Choosing the type of water hose to buy largely depends on what you want to use it for. The most common types of water hose are spray, soaker and sprinkler.

The spray is mostly used to water the garden, the soaker is ideal for is in planters or vegetable gardens where plants are in rows, while the sprinkler is best suited for newly planted grass.

Based on what you to use the water hose for, consider the type that will meet your needs and make a choice.

2. Materials

Water hoses are made from a combination of different materials ranging from vinyl to tough rubbers, and they are made for different purposes.

The type of material you choose will likely determine how long it will last because a cheap product won’t be able to hold up to frequent usage.

3. Safety

This is an important factor to consider especially if you, your family or pets can be drinking from the hose as not all water hoses are certified BPA-free or are made with Food Grade materials.

So it’s important to consider the ones that are BPA-free because they don’t change the taste of the water and the water can still retain its original flavor.

It’s recommended to check whether the fittings at the end of the hose are lead-free metals so as to prevent any health hazard especially when drinking water through the hose.

4. Fittings

Fittings are the metal threads at the end of the hose that allows then to be attached to a water nozzle or to another hose.

Brass is the commonly used metal for fittings but there are also aluminum and other types of metals that are used for fittings. The octagon shaped fittings are the best because there are easier to grip and tighten.

5. Diameter and Length

Water hoses come in a variety of diameter and length and this is dependent on what you want to use it for and the purpose they will serve you.

You need to consider the length and diameter of any hose you choose to buy because the results you get can to a large extent, be influenced by the length of your hose as well as its diameter.


Camco 50ft TastePure Drinking Water Hose – Lead & BPA Free

This drinking water hose has a reinforced kink resistant feature that is easily hooked with a Y-valve to your main faucet which is ideal for camping, vehicle washing, watering plants, and more.

The hose is made up of PVC and is BPA free which won’t give your water that ‘garden hose taste’, as it retains the original flavor of water without the changing how your water tastes.

The ends of this hose are compatible with almost all standard garden hose connections as the ends have an Easy Grip Connector which lets you connect the hose effortlessly.

This water hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance and is durable, and UV stabilized to last you for a fairly long time.

Pros Cons
Large end connector Too hard to touch
Tight fitting ends Not flexible
Lead and BPA free

Coxreels P-LP-150 Low Pressure Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel

This high performance spring driven hose reel gives you dependability and trouble free performance with its compact space-saving size and heavy duty construction which makes it highly versatile for use and durable.

It has a solid brass 90 full-flow NPT swivel for simple seal maintenance and fast and easy hose installation without the need to remove the reel from its mount.

The lubricated and enclosed cartridge motor is easy to remove for safe and convenient maintenance, the versatile guide arm can adjust to wall, floor, ceiling and vehicle mounting positions, while the adjustable solid rubber hose stop gives you flexible length positioning.

The sturdy single pedestal design has a solid one piece steel base and support post for maximum stability.

Pros Cons
Easily adjustable Hose isn’t BPA free material
Heavy duty commercial grade hose reel
Easy to unreel hose
Flexible mounting options

Abbott Rubber 1147-2000-50 PVC Discharge Hose Assembly

This Abbot Rubber hose is a 50 inch discharge water hose with a tube and cover made of PVC for corrosion resistance, it also has a high strength and lightweight feature with a high-tensile polyester reinforcement for strength and durability.

It has 2” aluminum male NPSM pin lug fitting and 2” female NPSM pin lug fitting for high resistance to corrosion and tarnishing.

The hose is lightweight and easy to spread flat for compact coiling which makes for easy and convenient storage when not in use. It has a temperature of -10 to +150 degrees F and a maximum pressure ratings of 65 pounds per square inch.

It’s versatile and can be used in construction, agricultural, mining and general open-end water discharge operations, it’s not to be use for petroleum based products.

Pros Cons
Amazing discharge ability Small storage footprint
Well threaded ends attachments
Good length
Easy to set up

GOODYEAR Air/Water Hose Retractable Reel Spring Driven

This GoodYear air/water hose reel leak is designed with precision using the latest tech innovations to make it convenient and easy to use.

Its universal compatibility allows it to be use in a variety of ways like such as in the  car workshop, the tire shop, construction site, and for general purpose uses.

It has an efficient design and capabilities because it utilizes double adjustment enclosed in multiple position which release ratchet spring that allows you to use the hose at any possible length you want.

The brass swivel joint has an inlet that protects against leaks, it also has adjustable hose stopper and non-snag rollers to allow you carry out any tasks you choose to do.

The GoodYear hose is certified, approved and safe for both indoors and outdoors use because it’s made with quality and durable materials. It’s not recommended for use on petroleum product.

Pros Cons
Easy to retract hose It’s heavy
Sturdy built reel
Excellent swivel

Reelcraft 5635 Premium Duty Spring Retractable Hose Reel

This retractable hose reel is designed to be compact and durable to be used for a wide range of activities coupled with critical space requirement, with a full flow shaft and swivel to ensure maximum water delivery.

The welded steel base offers maximum strength with consistent quality, it’s also equipped with a speed latch mechanism designed for reliably quiet operation.

The no stress swivel combines the highest grade seal design and materials with bearing areas to ensure maximum service life.

The hose is plumbed into the base to eliminates the risk of undue movement of the swivel.

Pros Cons
Quality reeling No swivel included
Amazing plastic body
No stress swivel

Amazon Commercial Air/Water Retractable Hose Reel

This commercial air/water hose is a retractable hose made with hard-impact polypropylene case and is ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic use, as well as general purpose use.

The hybrid polymer automatically retract into the durable steel housing so as to prevents tangles, kink and damages. Its adjustable cord stopper is ideal for securing the length of of the hose per job.

Its flexibility allows you to mount it to the wall to save space or you can easily transport it from one place of use to the other.

The adjustable ratchet function,spring-driven case, cable stopper, swivel bracket and non-snag rollers are durable built to serve you for a long time.

Pros Cons
Easy to retract Mounting is a bit difficult
Flexible and easy to use
Sturdy material

Apache 98138045 2” x 50 Blue PVC Lay-Flat Water Hose

This wonderful suction and discharge tube is a multifunctional water hose is designed to lets you meet your watering needs without the need to worry about kinking, length or pressure of the water pump or faucet connected to the hose.

It’s highly resistant to oil, grease, acid, and many other chemicals that can affect water passing through it, it has both male and female aluminum short shanks that are reinforced bands, this makes it to easily clamped to any water outlet connected to it.

The tube is 100% PVC made and reinforced with 3 polyester yarns, one longitudinal ply and two spiral plies. Both the tube and cover are extensively made to obtain maximum bonding.

Pros Cons
Heavy duty It requires a bit of pump pressure
Tight-grip connectors Easy to cut
Light weight
Easy to roll and store

Blue 2” x 100 Pool Pump Water PVC Hose

This is a light duty water discharge hose designed for use in low range water situation with a maximum pressure of 80 psi.

The discharge hose is made with blue PVC and a reinforced polyester yarn, it’s ideal for general indoor use or closed pressure applications.

The female coupling end can easily fit onto an NPT fittings without being a permanent connection, this is because it doesn’t require the use of a sealing agent before it can be fitted.

It has a powerful and efficient discharge feature that lets the products flows without any hindrance, in a convenient and kink-free manner.

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Sturdily built
Easily attachable

Stanios 4502-1000 Reinforced Blue PVC Lay Flat Water Discharge Hose

This general purpose water hose is made with reinforced PVC with 1 threaded couplings, it’s an easy to handle lightweight hose with a  general purpose applications .

It has a balanced polyester yarn spiral wrap, with a powerful strength and PVC tube with cover to prevents separation, it also has a 70 psi working pressure.

The heavy duty threaded brass ends allows for easy and convenient fittings to any water outlets or faucet. It’s capable of a wide range of applications of which includes construction, agriculture, and general open-end water discharge.

Pros Cons
Excellent discharge It cannot be twisted
Sturdy built PVC tube and cover
Easy to roll over

ReelWorks Retractable air hose reel

This Reelwork reel comes with an NBR rubber hose rated at a maximum of 300PSI/20AR capability and is mostly suitable for air and water based fluids.

The NBR rubber hose has  superior strength and resistance to abrasion, acids, oil and grease. It can operate in the lowest temperature of -40F to the highest of 226F.

It’s equipped with the latest safety features which includes a 4-direction non-snag rollers which help reduce abrasion and wear on the hose, a universal adjustable hose stopper which aid in safe retraction, and an enclosed drive spring which help to prevents damage during reversal winding.

Pros Cons
Easy to use Limited pipe fittings
Sturdy and durable
Amazing safety measures


Rather than just stroll down to the local store, you need to consider the type of hose you want that can meet your needs.

Because in the long run, this will pay off as it save you the time and money you’re to spend on changing water hose that is of no value to you.

Look for the hose that is flexible enough to water your plants, wash your car, as well as serve as a sprinkler for you and your family during the summer and beyond.