The name Scotch and soda tells you everything you need to know about this popular cocktail. While it is a very simple Scotch whisky drink, there are a few ways to improve it and customize it to suit your taste. 


Adding still water to whisky opens up the liquor’s flavor, and club soda will do the same. It also brings in a little effervescence to make it even more invigorating. The amount of soda is really up to you; some people prefer it in an old-fashioned glass while others like this drink as a highball. In terms of taste, a few ounces make a big difference: If you want a flavorful drink, go with a short pour of soda; for a softer drink, opt for the long pour.


The concept here is to water down Scotch without destroying the flavors of the whisky. In the process, you’re making a longer-lasting, smoother, and more refreshing drink. Without a doubt, it’s one of the easiest ways to dress up your favorite Scotch.


Scotch and soda


For the best Scotch and soda, be selective about which brand of soda you choose. A high-quality, craft club soda tends to have a cleaner profile and is a really nice complement to a decent Scotch.

When serving it short, consider using an ice ball or large cube. These will melt slower than smaller cubes and prolong the drink’s full flavor.


Recipe Variation

The two styles are very similar in taste, so switch from Scotch to Japanese whisky. In Japan, the highball drink is preferred. It’s typically 1 1/2 ounces of whisky stirred with ice (often a long hand-carved cube) then topped with 4 to 5 ounces of soda.

What’s the Best Scotch for a Scotch and Soda?

From blended to single malts, any Scotch whisky can be used in a Scotch and soda, and it’s a fantastic option when exploring new-to-you bottles. The beauty of this drink is that you can easily tailor it to fit the whisky you’re pouring at the moment. For instance, when you have a great single malt, add just a splash of premium soda, but for a casual happy hour, choose an affordable blended whisky and fill a tall glass with soda.


What Soda Goes Good With Scotch?

Clear, unsweetened sodas are preferred in a Scotch and soda. Club soda is the easiest choice, though plain soda water out of a soda maker is excellent as well. Sparkling water tends to be less carbonated but is a good option. That said, ginger ale is commonly paired with whiskey in highballs, lemon-lime sodas add a sweet citrus spin, and Scotch and cola is a popular drink throughout Europe. 


How Strong Is the Scotch and Soda?

The Scotch to soda ratio is a variable that will factor into the actual alcohol content of your drink. If your whisky is 80 proof (Scotch varies greatly), one made with 1 ounce of soda will fall in the 23 percent ABV (46 proof) range. Pouring 4 ounces of soda will easily cut that in half.


Try different Scotches and other styles of whiskeys with various sodas to find your personal favorites for different moods.